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Refer post:- FAO Pigsy and all other members.

TraderX has in my opinion closed this thread.
I suggest there be no more replies as they would be devisive.

I have been in touch with David, and the Doc has let his intentions be known.

David is now committed to Tuscan and is unlikely to be involved in the future CI.

Iraj has stated that CI will be a private club of '50 selected members'. I suggest that certain TA members from SI will be invited to join but maybe not all.

As primarily a fundamentalist and a very junior chartist I should imagine I am personally unlikely to be on the 'guest list'


Whether or not I am one of the chosen few I offer my commitment to Pigsy and Shark Invested. I am prepared to offer my services both with finance and administration to ensure the future of our community.

Whilst some members may be invited and will choose to join CI there are others who might not, in this respect I urge Pigsy to consider maintaining Shark Invested no matter what.

It is possible that Pigsy may take an active role in CI, where will that leave the rest??
With an abrupt closedown recently experienced on CI ????????? I hope not.

Lets make our views known!!

Piggsy may well answer for himself, but as I understand things, this bb will continue to run in its present format for the forseable future......

As I said in one of my replies to Observer, I place the greatest importance to keeping our community going...I don't think I'll be interested in any suggestion of dividing our matter how attractive the offer is..either we go together deciding unanimously or we stay here together as a community...
I'm with Rizgar on this one. We have built up a very rare and special community in CI. Something which will be difficult to find elswhere on the web. Limiting it to 50 or so "elite members" would be a big mistake. Lets stick together on this.

"One for all and all for one!"

"This time next year we will all be millionaires"
As I stated in my reply on the prev thread, we should avoid anything that fractures our group. That was an indirect reference to the "50 people", which may prove devisive. The simple fact is, is that we have a unique group, started with Iraj - to whom we are grateful, and maintained by the most excellent Pigsy. I too believe in the all-for-one approach, as it is the PEOPLE here that make it the best BB around.

I am fundementally against "closed shops" and far prefer an openess of approach. Often it is someone asking about a topic for the first time that triggers off new ways of looking at what may otherwise be an "old" subject.

People will join in and leave as it suits their needs.At present there is sufficient of a nucleus of like minded people to hopefully attract others to post their views and that suits me.

I have looked at other BB and don't like what I see, therefore I intend to remain here.

It is also highly unlikely that I would be invited to join the 50 member club. As I have said on another thread my studies take up a great deal of time hence I have not and will not for the next few months have time to teach myself TA in any great detail. I was looking forward to the support of other members either on CI or SI when i finally graduate and get stuck into some major TA. But with the elite 50 gone will there be anyone left to support me and other newcomers to TA. Also why is it being limited to 50? I think would be very unfair to leave out members who have contributed a great deal to CI and SI. This is only my opinion and Iraj reserves the right to do what he feels is best for the future.
I'm with you guys all the way, may we hang in there and succeed. Its the mix of the experienced, the inexperienced and the passing trade ,being drawn together by a fascinating and growing interest in TA. Good luck to us all whatever is decided


I too really like and appreciate this community and hope it keeps going long after my portfolio turns green when I will need advice on TA .
On the subject of the elite '50'...are there 50 using this board?
Please keep up the good work Pigsy et al.

At the end of the day, there may not be 50 left, let alone 50 elite.I dont consider myself elite,and I dont want to be part of a closed club.As one door closes, another will open......

First a thank you to Cookie for what appears to be a very genuine and generous offer to Pigsy and the rest of us.
The general concensus seems to be a desire for a continuation of the board as we know it,which i fully endorse.
United we stand, divided we fall.

Pity my lot didn't remember that yesterday
Good man Martin. Very decent to make your position clear. There's a lot to be said in having a diversity of knowledge and ability on this BB. There is no monopoly on ideas, insight and views. It will certainly be a shame not have the Doc contributing here as he is certainly very knowledgable and provides considerable input and insight. I'm a loss to understand what an elite 50 can do in a 'club' that they cannot do here. Still, hope to continue to do my bit.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by reality:
At the end of the day, there may not be 50 left, let alone 50 elite.I dont consider myself elite,and I dont want to be part of a closed club.As one door closes, another will open......

This current site has fulfilled its intention - to keep alive a community which came together to learn and to share. For that we have to thank Pigsy for his sterling work in making sure it happened, and very promptly too, after the sudden departure of the "clubroom" we all met in.

Once more Cookie comes up a star with his offer in endeavouring to assist in maintaining and further develop this site for the benefit of all.

For my part I will continue to support in any way I can, along with all the others who have stated their interest, and may we all continue to enjoy, and hopefully prosper as a result.

With best wishes to you all


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I find it staggering that although we have never met, there is such a loyalty to SI, and to all those that make it up. Cookie - thank you for making the offer and starting this thread. To a (wo!)man we appear unanimous in the idea that there should not be an exclusive club, but rather a community to which all are valued - however much/ little we know/ post. It is an idea we must cling to, for it is this that makes us unique.

Well once again we come to consider the future of CI and SI. And thanks once again for all the nice comments! :)

First off, I would like to make one thing clear. This community will never cease to exist for as long as I and it's members are committed to it. I will not allow this community to disappear overnight, and you can hold me by my word.

Cookie, thank you very much for your offer of support, it is genuinely appreciated - but at this present time I have no need to take you up on the offer. There really is very little maintenance for keeping this going - and no ongoing costs. The domain and the hosting were extremely cheap, and the labour is all my own.

What I propose is this. The BB isn't going anywhere.. its here to stay as long as people are posting to it. Iraj has given me his consent to run this site, and to go ahead and develop it. He has also said he will support the SI site, and will continue contributing at the weekends. I thank him for the encouragement and support he has shown me.

However, as some of you may know I work full time and am about to start US day trading in the evenings.. so this really doesnt leave me much time to develop the site, as I would want to. Though of course I can maintain the site as it is, and contribute to discussions etc.

This doesn't mean we can't grow as a community. I am lucky enough to be involved in the early stages of a new website. Because I am not alone in this pursuit, I will hopefully be able to ensure this becomes a tremendous site. But don't get me wrong, this has nothing to do with Iraj, and I will no abandon this BB or this community. My ideal scenario would be to help lay the foundations for a new home where a community such as this, hopefully even THIS community, can really flourish and grow, and which would do us proud. But I'm taking nothing for granted and respect everyone's freewill. But like I said its very much early days, and I don't think it would be fair to elaborate further until things are more concrete.

I hope by now you all acknowledge my commitment to this community, that will always remain - whatever shape or form the BB takes.



This bb has succeded where others have failed because of the members' sense of community and belonging.I urge you all to continue contributing, just as you did before and to benefit from each others particular expertise.No one here is a demigod, and no one on their own will ever be as good as all of us collectively together.There's no point in dwelling on the past,there are always better things just around the next corner.
To infinity and beyond!

There is now little more to say other than a big THANK YOU to Pigsy for confirmation the site will remain, and to all of you I echo Reality in asking for contributions and recommendations to others to join the site

Best wishes