So this is where you are all hiding?

delboy trotter

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I don't know, I turn my back for 5 minutes and you all disappear, without as much as a goodbye.

Anyway it's good to see you all again. Now bring me up to speed. What's all this about the Doc doing a Lord Lucan?

Sorry, I find this one a bit difficult to fathom. Could someone please explain the logic of why the Doc and fellow founders of CI would disappear without trace?

I'm sure the Doc is aware of the concern of all CI members, with regard to this. So perhaps a quick personal posting would quash all these nasty rumours. How about it Doc?

"This time next year we will all be millionaires"
Welcome back Del.
Take a look at the EDS Problem (ARK) thread,
you'll find the 'Doc' has NOT done a Lucan.

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Glad you found us Delboy.

See the post from Doc title "Hiya" which i have brought back to the top for the benefit of anyone who is still unaware.

Best wishes


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