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I think it's time to face facts. Everyone might as well stop calling this a temporary board as I have my doubts as to whether the Doc will return. Also, does anyone else find it odd that since the good doctors absence many of the regular posters have also vanished? Multiple BB personalities? Hmmmm
Pigsy, you're doing a good job and you're getting a nice site together here. I for one believe it's time to bury the CI nonsense and make this a community in its own right.


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Thanks Observer for the points you've raised...I however think that it would be better if you'd told us something about your position...as it sounds like you know too much about us and CI for a first timer..

Welcome aboard anyway..




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We are definitely smelling a rat here (no offence intended). What was your nickname on the CI BB ? (multiple BB personalities) and which members in particular do you refer to as having vanished? Where do you think they have gone?

We did have a problem following the closure of CI in that unless you visited the Chat Room you were unlikely to have found this 'temporary' site. How did you find us?

You may of course be right in your assumption and I have to say it has crossed my mind on several occassions, in fact from day 1. However we were originally brought together by Iraj, David, Hibble etc who we know are currently extremely busy pursuing their own interests, but I believe that to a man we stand together in the hope that they will return in the future. In fact the Doc contributed to a BB discussion only a few days ago.

In my view it is the community and the content of this site which is far more important than it's title, but of course Pigsy having done a fabulous job certainly has the option to look at the future commercial aspect of SharkInvested in his own right. We in turn have the option to assist him, stick with him, or to move on as you suggest others have done or even go back to CI if it returns.

Until then - whats in a name ????



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I find this post offensive. I for one am 100% loyal to Dr Iraj and have no reason to doubt his good intentions. If observor has specific information then please share it with us but if you are making assumptions then I do not appreciate it. Even if it is true, which I personally doubt I still reflect on the massive commitment by Dr Iraj, almost making himself ill through over-work towards his goal of creating this community. If the comment is intended to cause dissention then it will surely fail. Whoever you are Observor, you are off to a bad start. But welcome to CI anyway...

Think Iraj and David Cobbe have a commercial TA site (pretty sure) under the URL http://www.tuscancapital.com State of the Art consultancy in fuzzy logic, Fibonacci ect (take a look). Thats what they are both busy on, with DC striving to obtain the qualifications to give Financial Advice.
Or, i could be imagining it.




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The charts and blurb on that site are very reminiscent of David Cobbe's contributions and the very best of luck to him if it is.
I personally don't understand a word of it,and would prefer to remain in this 'community'.Keep up the good posts people!



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This is not news, web address of the commercial site were posted by David Cobbe on CI (1). It was always his objective to develop this commercial venture and he told us that in order to operate the site he was studying in London for FSA exams and would be away for some time. So on that score DC was completely up front with us. Therefore, unless I have missed something, nothing has changed, has it?

If Hill Farmer adn't e-mailed me, I too would have been "missing".

As I have advocated on many occassions in other contexts ... patience, wait and see.

In the meantime, Pigsy has done a great job and we should continue as before.
Joe (There's only one of me ... they broke the mould)
Who do you think i am. Better get it right, i don't take prisoners.



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I think it is time to tell us who you are Observer. You obviously have 'some' information, therefore you probably know a CI member but a little knowledge can be dangerous. Who are you? lets have it.

Nope, it did'nt arrive, it's only a mirage.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Mirage:
Hi Observer. Welcome to the site.

As a scientist, I believe it is good to ask questions. When the CI bulletin board closed so suddenly, a lot of people felt a sour taste by what happened - until Dr Iraj came along with a long reply to all our questions.

Questions are often a way of finding the truth. After all, blind faith helps no-one. However, the biggest question is WHY did Dr Iraj set the board up in the first place? He stated it was because he was sick of the way other BB's operated, the insults traded, and the inability of many to even open their mind to using maths, logic, and even fuzzy logic as a key to making sense of what often seems senseless in the markets.

And what was the gain for Dr Iraj? Did he become rich from us giving a subscription? Did he become rich from ramping/ deramping shares he owned? Did he become rich from selling us his private products/ software? The answer is no, no and no again. I believe Dr Iraj set up CI simply because he felt no place existed where like minded people could come and discuss/ learn TA together. After questioning I can see no sinister reason of the CI board OR of multiple personalities - there is no sense!

Will CI come back in its official form? I do not know - certainly Dr Iraj didn't know last time he posted about it. However, as much as we all thank Dr Iraj for the past, and maybe even the future, all our present thanks has to go to Pigsy who has made an incredible job of putting this site together. He deserves all the plaudits going for his hard work.

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