Dr Iraj

Dear All,
Sorry for my absence. Before I went for a break I mass emailed you all with the date for the closure of our BB. Unfortunately all emails have been returned to myself by the web master as the hosting company would not allow me to do that due to bandwidth restrictions. I am really sorry. City informer is a non-profit making community for all TA lovers and I launched it with this and only this in my mind. This is my plan for future but you have to bear with me.
I like to launch the virtual Analyst but I need to be regulated. To do that I am in talk with a friend of a friend who is about to launch his own web based tip sheet and he might join me . This will be around middle of DEC. If I can get him to join me then you love the new facilities. It is not a free real time quote or stuff like that . It is a beautiful state of the art software (XTL eXpert Trend Locator) which can identify the early stages of trend during the day and issues entry signal. I am also looking into Pattern Smasher 2.06. This is another beautiful software ( www.kasanjianresearch.com) which identifies the most profitable TA patterns and gives entry and exit signals both excellent trading tools. To be able to do that I need fast server. FSA licence,new code, cash (I will take care of that) and appreciative TA community. If I can sort out the Licence then WE ARE OK (DAVID'S license might take a long time) if Not I am afraid we have to stick to old fashioned boring financial web site. I find it extremely boring to lurk around boring and useless web site which help no one except the rampers. We need to bring the technology which is currently used in USA to UK. The technology is there for TA lovers like me and you. Last week I was playing with Neuroshell Trader professional with Gentetic optimiser to identify best buys during the day (part of my break and get away from it all). It is a beauty for day traders but it is like an aeroplane with a high learning curve and it needed an standalone server and the rest of it. In short. If I can launch some thing different then I will and you see more of me.

What do you I get from all that? Pleasure of contribution is what I get from all that. A contribution to our private club. A very private club. CI was not meant to be a conventional BB. It meant to be different.
I like to thank you all for being so different to the rest of the community. What can I say about you all. Uncle's contribution to stoploss and his ever emphasising stop loss view, Traderxxx ( the most sensible trader. Joe my first member and a gentleman.RIZ,ShelmanTitus, with their continuos contribution to our BB. MX5 actually MX100 as he is 100 out of 100. Natalia.Gus,Double_six, Graham, Pigsy,Cigar and many many more. Any way I am sorry If I have missed any one.
I will not post up until the end of JAN as I will soon be heavily involved in market and rather to do business, but I can assure you that if things goes according to plan then CI looks great other than that we have to do with a BB and a chat room Sorry.
I will swing and day trade soon with swing to be the main strategy. If any of our regular members need to learn about trading you welcome to my house, but I need a week notice. I am turning my loft into a trading centre with a few traders around my area. (Graham as I said you welcome as you are not very far from me). My email is [email protected]. This is my last post and see you all when I can offer you more than a text.

Bye for now and have a nice XMASS.Hey guys dont forget let trend to be your strategy and never buy stocks with out technical analysis,get into US market, look into US web sites and as I said you are the best of the bests . If you can't do it nobody else can.

May I for one thank you good Doc for this post, and especially for your explanation of the sudden closure of CI. I am sure that many contributers will wish you every success in your endeavours to bring something new in the way of a service to the serious investor in the U K.

Just as an aside.........of all the names you mentioned, you left out dear old Cookie, so forgive me if I mention him here. He is our Fundamental Wizard.

With kind regards

Steve did it really take you till your name was lights before you found this site????

Cheers friend

Thanks Dr Iraj,

That was all I wanted to hear at this stage..didn`t like the idea of your disappearing with us losing all trace of you..a warm hello or bye would be sufficient..we got that..thanks again..wishing you every success and also thanking you for being so different..makes a difference..



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I think you all know my views, the good Doc can do no wrong. I still think its a pity we have struggled with a bear market or we would have done well under the tutorship of Dr Iraj. I for one am really excited about the future with Dr Iraj and David Cobbe. I hope it all works out as planned. Best wishes and have a good Christmas my friend. We will all stick together and await your return.

Iraj, your presence will be missed here, but we are safe in the knowledge that if things work out, you are hard at work at amazing things.

I think the biggest thing I have realised since the move is the sense of community that has been created among us, and the good Doc deserves all the plaudits for starting this process. Its only when you look at the personal abuse/ ramping and deramping on other boards you realise what a unique site this is. The words intelligent, witty and civilised sum it up, as well as a genuine desire to help share knowledge with each other. Thank you ALL for making it the great place that it is. The location is different, the atitude the same.

And know I'd like to thank my agent......!!

Cheers, Mark
Doc - you missed the main chat room man - reality/Martin!

His contribution so far has been absolutely brilliant, and I'm sure everyone in the chat room will agree wholeheartedly.

Get's my vote too!

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Skimbleshanks:
Doc - you missed the main chat room man - reality/Martin!

His contribution so far has been absolutely brilliant, and I'm sure everyone in the chat room will agree wholeheartedly.

And who's the handsome prince??

Many thanks Uncle for your comment, with Martin also not mentioned, I am in good company. I am sure this was not intentional on Iraj's part. I would not have been surprised however as I was his major critic with regard to the abrupt closedown. I am sure more has gone on behind the scenes than we will ever know.

I have also strongly criticised the validity of TA against fundamentalism, however I have gained so much knowledge through CI, especially from Iraj and David, not forgetting all those named above that I have made the decision never to make a trade without first consulting the charts.

Although not yet a total convert I hope with your help this will lead to AIQ and Level II.

Whilst we are all richer from the involvement of both Iraj and David I feel we are priveleged to be part of this supreme and most friendly community and should do everything possible to maintain and build on it no matter what the outcome of their developments. Pigsy we hope has made sure of this.

We all need a guru, bagwan and leader and look forward to their developments and eventual return in the near future.

John, not quite with you on 'lights'?
It took me ages before i discovered the 'q' in the url was actually a 'g'.
What a clot, good job it was'nt an epic on my trading board i really must get new glasses, these bottle bottoms,although cheap,
are not quite up to the job.
Not so silly Steve. I did exactly the same and had to drag Pigsy out of the Chat Room to clarify.

Were you at Old trafford last night? Hate to say it but vintage performance in the second half - best I've seen for a long while. Can't resist the 'Lucky Reds' comment though after the two - definitely not - offsides against the 'Bubbles' in the first half.

Gunners got a tough one tonight - thats if it is still on.

Yeh, you're right Cookie, we thought a draw was fair,they are a good side and it could have been quite different if they'd scored in that first 30 mins. The Ref was very good but the liners were the usual clowns. We were very happy at the end.
As you say that was a tough one last night but you'll probably stuff em at Highbury.
Good luck mate

Good Luck Doc

Thanks for all your help and for setting up City Informer.
It has certainly helped me with my trading and introduced me to some great trading buddys.
You haved formed a community of like minded traders that I'm sure will expand.
I hope your new ideas for the board all work out.

Thanks again

Thought this was worth bringing to the top in case some of the old stalwarts yet to rejoin us arent aware of the suddeness of the closure of CI

Hill Farmer e-mailed me to tell me where you had all gone,for which I am grateful.

Some good plans from the Doc, we must be patient.

Well done Pigsy, great site, feels just like home.

Nice to be back
Welcome Joe..nice to see you back..


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For the benefit of members needing to know have brought this back to the top