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Hi everyone,

You might have noticed I haven't been to active on the BB recently. That's because I've been busy behind the scenes with the launch of a new upgraded BB!!

The new BB launches this Monday 15th January!!!

Some of the new features include:

1) Displays a list of the currently active users on the board.

2) Gives you the name of the last poster on each forum

3) Displays a welcome on the forum page to the newest member

4) In the forum page it shows the number of times a topic has been viewed as well as the name of the last poster.

5) Uses a proper SQL database, so it runs faster and searches are much faster. Also enables me to use the login/password for future sections like the upcoming book swap section.

6) Plus lots of other little extra features.

IMPORTANT In addition we'll be moving from to, to accommodate the new board.

At the moment this is just a holding page, but from Monday the site will be redesigned to provide access to the BB.

All members and old threads will be carried across to the new board, so apart the new url and graphics everyone should feel right at home.

And that's it!


PS. Please note therefore that from Monday this BB will be closed and will automatically redirect you to the new BB on the new domain.

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Pigsy, you never cease to amaze. We're all in your debt for not only putting in the effort in keeping the board going, but also in taking the whole thing forward. Well done and thanks.
Pigsy - You are the Donkeys Knob !!!!!

Bloody Marvellous.

Can anyone supply basic program for Competition which will update or provide template for leader board etc ?


Excellent work pigsy. Thanks for all your hard work, time and effort. It's much appreciated.

What a star you are my friend.........Yes, it has been noticable you have been prominent by your absence, and I had no doubt your were busy, but never did I expect to see you move for the benefit of this community with such alacrity.

I for one will broadcast the news to as many as I can once the board is up and running.

A New Year.......A New Bulletin Board........and hopefully a new beginning to fortunes in our portfolioes. Yours in particular.

Just one small point will there be a re-direct from this site to anyone who might not have seen your post in time???

Best wishes and thanks once again

Thanks Hill, Cookie, Martymcc and Uncle!

There will indeed be a redirect from this site to the new BB, so even if you haven't seen this message you'll be aware of the new BB.

Wow! My deepest congratulations to Pigsy, Dr. Iraj and the CI team and my warmest wishes for a prosperous continuation of this venture.
I also would like to thank Uncle for taking the daily and multiple trouble to post the link to my articles on my behalf

The above does not represent financial advice.
An excellent job and even better future. The beauty of this site is that all members are into creating wealth in a serious way. SI is not a coffee shop like other BB's where responsible posters are abused by chit/chatters.
Keep up the good work Pigsy. Any chance of who is on line facility as well as internal post?
Pigsy, what can I say that hasn't been said already. Thanks for all the effort that you put into this board. It is really appreciated by every single one of us. I will sup to your health later tonight!!!1

Splendid Pigsy, thank you for your hard work and efforts. You know I appreciate it.

Pigsy's the man! Excellent work, I'm sure all on this board appreciate your efforts.


ps. would appreciate if you could also programme the new bb to make me a cup of coffee at 10am, 1pm and 3.30pm please?
What can I say Pigsy, but that you are the Tops ,and everyone who contributes, you're OK too.
May you all be wealthier

Thanks for all the replies, it provides me with great encouragement.

Just to remind you tomorrow is the day. What will probably happen is that after midnight tonight, the board will closed for a few minutes (not gone, they'll be some message about maintenance) and then a few minutes later you'll be automatically redirected to the new board, as soon as this is ready to go. Suffice to say if it's monday morning, and you're reading this, then welcome to the new Board, and the new Site!!!
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