Old BB vs. New BB.


Now you've had a chance to get the hang of the new BB, I wondereing whether there were any things about the old BB you prefered, and anything about the new BB you would like me to change.

What's good about the new BB is it's a lot more configurable, so if there are changes you want, I can pretty much implement most things. I can even add a voice facility on the BB, so you can speak to other members while browsing the posts! :)


ps. There is still an issue with Rizgar not being able to see the names of threads and therefore he can not read any of them. Has anyone else heard of similar experiences? I am doing my utmost to correct this problem. So if you were wondering where he had got to, he's eager to post on the BB, but simply can't at the mo. Hopefully will have this fixed very shortly. And we can welcome him back!!
Who could ask for more! Well I guess there will be some requests!
As for the old bb versus the new, there's no comparison.