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Aug 20, 2006

I am NOT trying to predict the color that the next candle is going to be.

I am looking for an opportunity to take profit and I have found it.

Most traders know that price moves in "waves".

Sooner or later price reverses.

The longer it goes in one direction the more likely a reversal is on the horizon.

So as the number of like colored candles increases, the chance of a reversal increases.


Without reading every page,can you offer a weekly math figure?If you have posted I apologize.I assume you do take small losses,but overall the winners outweigh them.While the exhaustion of buying or selling is inevitable,when and for how long is the unknown we can never be certain of.I know for sure that there is not a risk free trade,when the risk is gone,so is the reward.
When a friend invited me to an Amway meeting all I heard was how great it was.Money,freedom,quit your job etc... I stood up and asked the speaker what risk is involved in being an Amway member? He said none. I asked him if he would return the 10$ everyone paid to be at the meeting? He said no.So we all lost 10$ before ever joining? His reply "The facts dont matter if the dream is big enough!" I told him to dream that I am not taking my 10$ back from the lady at the door.Half the room followed me out the door taking their money.

cordially Ponce
What do you mean by a "weekly math figure"?

Great story, thanks for sharing.


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Nov 14, 2004
Yes someone has been a busy lad.

A quick google search of "never lose again!!!" (and) therumpledone - returns threads on at least 8 website forums!
And not only has TRO been a busy lad, but every single one of the people on this thread who support him, post the identical posts on those other sites !. What an amazing coincidence who would have thunk it :LOL:
Dec 30, 2002
we need to see xmess and therumpledone viewing this thread at the same time then, to prove its not the same person from the same ip address.
However, this might not prove difficult for the man that can. TRO says that he has several computers running at once mind, when trading, backups etc.......He is a technical genius ;)


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Oct 19, 2008
for what it's worth i don't think TRO and Xmess are the same people.

There are others on here that write with styles more similar to TRO.. can't be bothered trawling through 128 pages to find them though! There are a few that write in ALL CAPS and claim to be able to SEE. Now where have i heard that before...?!

edit: Xmess's charts are easier to read than TRO's too- a more reasonable size- so no it's not the same person i dont think!


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Feb 8, 2006
Hehe still going strong eh.

Where's this chat room then ?

Might pop by in the afternoon for a bit when the silly Friday season starts.



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Nov 14, 2004

Do I really need to waste my time posting actual links to every trading site on the planet ? unfortunately for you, people can quite clearly SEE the TRUTH for themselves, a mountain of SPAM is hard to conceal

Dec 30, 2002
I got this email from TRO on 13 Jan 2008
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I'm sending this again because you might not have gotten it the
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I was chatting with a friend early yesterday on instant messenger.
She was having trouble keeping her attention on one thing long
enough to make money from it. She was scattered. I told her that I
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I used to trade a bunch of stocks. And I made money and lost money.
Made money and lost money. Made more than I lost, but not very much

It wasn't until I started focusing on one stock, Apple (aapl), that
I started making more money consistently. Much more. I learned what
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Other traders started following my lead, and guess what happened?
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When I began trading currencies, I took what I knew worked for me
in stocks and applied it there as well.

One currency pair. That's what I traded, until I was making money
consistently. And then I added another pair once I figured out a
simple way to make constant profits with it.

Just as I did with my stock trading, I did what worked for me again
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Maybe you've already figured it out. Maybe you have a strategy you
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I applaud your success.

But if you're not there yet, let me offer you some advice...


Decide today, not next week or next month, to do something about
your bad trades, or your lack of profits. Decide today to do
something about your inability to focus on one thing long enough to
make it work, whether it be a trading strategy or other venture.
Decide today to make your life better and get what you want from it.

You will lose more in your life by being indecisive, than by making
the wrong decision.

Hey, I know. It wasn't until I decided to focus -- and I mean
really FOCUS -- that I started being successful as a trader. But it
started with a simple DECISION.

Okay... I'll stop preaching. But I just had to get that out after
seeing how my friend keeps running around in circles. I'm sending
this email to her too. ;-)

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losses will occur. No representation or implication is being made
that using this service, methodology or system will generate wins
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Dec 30, 2002
I have a FREE Chat | Chat Rooms | Paltalk chatroom called the two percent club. We can chat there. If you have trouble finding it, just pm me, therumpledone, and I will invite you in.
How the hell anyone can scalp with paltalk running is beyond me.

Even paltalk express is heavier than a JCB.

To scalp and run paltalk at the same time, without any delays, slow fills etc etc. I'd want -
24mb broadband
8gb RAM
16gb processor