TradeStation 8 - FREE FOREX Real-Time Data Feed



I know, how use Omega Research ProSuite 2000i, TradeStation 2000, MetaStock, Investor's Dream, EWA (Elliot Wave Analyzer), ElWave, Advanced GET and very much other programs with free forex real-time data feed.

my russian user guide (25 pg, pdf) RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
my full video (avi, 60 Mb.): RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

my user guide is easy (almost all - screenshots) but, if you have questions, I can help you setup it. I write it almost 2 weeks.

[email protected]
ICQ: 70966433

my examples of free forex real-time data feed:


after 10 hours


after 5 hours


advanced get too can use with free forex real time...


after 2 hours

Just a word to the wise.

There are a few programs out there from Russia that you load into TS & they grab your account number & password.

Tread carefully with anything that contains DLLs.
privet andrey,
i am the one who added you to icq yesterday.
first of all i want to thank you again for all your efforts and workings.

and i need help about an issue if you have time please.
i did all the things you said in your pdf document and suceeded in all of them. unfortunately i couldnt achieved the last step in tradestation.

when i add GS:CHF A0-FX at format symbol part in tradestation it gives error.
error is this: <GS:CHF A0-FX> is not a valid symbol. check the spelling or if offline, you may need to work online.

do you have any idea why my tradestation gives that error?

i would be glad if you help on this isseu.

Hello from Egaal
Do you know how to solve the problem with the symbol,because iI have the same problem.
If you solved this problem ,let me know how you did it.

Thank you


i have same problem like you .
please solve my problem .:(:(
Hi, Please explain the problem you are facing exactly. Do you use Tradestation8i or 2000i ? and Are you trying to get data from any provider using owndata2.5?
I m expert in using 3rd party data to Tradestation. I hope I can help you....