my Test Strategy

short 1.3650

EURUSD stopped out 1.3650 at BE
EURUSD stopped out 1.3640 at -20 pips

AUDUSD stopped out
.8990 --loss 10 pips
.8980 - loss 20 pips

Both of them should be winners, the market came back and stopped them early morning.
They would have made even more because I had some opportunities to add positions.
but nothing I could do. I stayed up till around 1.00AM, and then I couldnt take it anymore, had to sleep.

I will not be posting on this thread anymore, I am finding it difficult to keep updating and monitoring and calculating the P/L. I have found another site which is easier to track my trades and journal. I am not sure if i am even allowed to write down the site address here.

thank you