my Test Strategy

I will keep updating this post..
other wise I will lose count of my stops.
.8990 loss 20 pips
.8950 loss 20 pips
.8980 loss 20 pips
.8990 loss 20 pips
.8910 loss 20 pips
.8910 loss 20 pips
.8920 loss 10 pips
.8920 loss 20 pips
.8920 loss 20 pips
.8930 loss 20 pips
.8960 loss 20 pips
so far
91.10 loss -20 pips
90.80 loss -20 pips
91.30 loss -20 pips
91.00 loss -20 pips
91.30 loss -20 pips
91.70 loss -20 pips
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will be heading out for a bit
it will be a pity if the the aud/usd and usd/jpy drops..surely will cause some frustation. I dont really care about the losses if the market surely has turned around up and proves me wrong, but if i am right an not around..that is a different matter
after so many hours on the screen..
I will not be able to take positions..
but again i cant blame the market, my strategy requires that i be stuck to the screen
will see what happens
entry order for AUDUSD
@.9010 not yet triggered sl 20 pips
1 position open on USDJPY @91.30 sl 20 pips
just came back but not for long.
just been thinking..should I just use the GBP, EUR and JPY for the test strategy?
How will it affect my current strategy?
Will it take up more time than I want.
I cant afford to be on my PC too long.

to think about this and hedging
OK..So AUDUSD indeed headed down without me..
After 2 days of staring at the screen, i go out for a while, the market decides to head down.
USDJPY has gone higher this is the last daily bar that i will be trying to take short positions..the EMA has crossed up..or rather todays candle will decide...
--USDJPY triggered short @ 91.90 20 pip sl
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took short AUDUSD
add to existing position which is at 90.10
.8940 sl 20 pips
.8920 sl 20 pips - stopped out BE

Earlier missed taking 2 short positions
@.8980 and .8970
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I am a little tired right now, been watching the markets almost all day, and still was able to miss the down move on AUDUSD when i stepped out for just maybe under an hour.
I was not anticipating the drop, but I was just playing my system. All I know is that at the moment i am biased toward the short side, I should just take short positions...but still just for that hour when i was not here it took off without me?
What are the chances?
However on the bright side..USDJPY..I am pleased with the results even though I lost, I have been through more than 20 losses in a row in the past, however that has not phased me and I have not lost any confidence in my current trading system/style, My wins easily recover my losses.
If this Test strategy works out, I think I have a way for it to compliment my current system.
I will be sitting here maybe for another half hour or so, then shut system off, and close off my trade ( depending on their status).
At the moment I am short
.89400 short
.90100 short

91.90 short
tiny mistake,

took the short trade too [email protected]
used last nights pattern as reference as the result
one of my previous positions was stopped out.
Reminder to Self--NEVER NEVER do this again.
Heading out for a few hours.
Will not know the outcome and wont be able to do anything about it.
currently open trades
.90100 short
.89300 short

91.70 short