Message to everyone from Charty, atention John in particular.


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I just wanted to clarify a couple of issues.

There are few reasons why I am posting on that site, where I am posting.

1) I receive (better, I "should" receive) $0.02 per hit. By copying and pasting it, this income is denied. It is mainly in my own interest that I am kindly asking to post the link, as opposed to the article. However, there is a small mutual benefit in posting the article, namely that if I generate an income, I could allocate more resources to my studies, and this, hopefully, will result in better studies.

2) There is a danger in copying and pasting my articles, namely that someone at some point in time will decide to post somewhere on the internet something to ramp-deramp what he/she wants, and will do it with a fake article signed by Charty. You can see the danger involved here.....

The above does not represent financial advice.
3) By going to that website, it is then relatively easy to read my previous articles, simply by selceting "other articles from this author", or something like that.

The above does not represent financial advice.
Message received and understood. Be assured I will comply, and hopefully everyone will visit and thus boost your hits, so do keep sending the emails.

Incidently save me a lot of typing too !!!!!

So come on all you good folk give the lady your support.

Best wishes

Thank you John!
Incidentally, you could copy and paste them. May be someone familiar with PCs you personally know can explain you how to do so, alternatively, we'll post it here!

Again, thank you.


The above does not represent financial advice.
Charty, if i get 100,000 people to hit the site would you go half on the money

Hell you gotta ask!
That would be nice Sefty, the only problem is that they will pay at the end of March. Better, Hopefully they will, I have a long list of dotcoms whihc failed to pay customers and simply went down!

The above does not represent financial advice.