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Dear all,

I hope I do not upset anyone if I take the liberty of posting here few points.

I do this, I trust, in the interest of anyone using this board.

1) I am very glad to be back and extremely grateful to the person who sent me an email with the new link.

2) Dr Iraj did a great job in setting up this board, and I still deem it unique in UK (I would say in USA too, but I am not familiar with the scene here). I am honstly grateful to him for this.

3) As a suggestion, those in charge of this site may want to send an email to the old subscribers, with the new link. I am sure many people out there have lost faith in seeing CI on line again, if they are using the old link!

4) I would open to discussion this point. My suggestion would be to be allowed to open new threads with my analysis. I would not ask this, if I did not know it may be worth it. Since when I left CI, I have been busy doing different things "in the City". I feel my expertise in TA has grown and I feel more confident now, than I was before. I am working on a proprietary model and, as I wrote on the thread on the DOW, I am very excited about it. If things turn up they way I am (dreaming-hoping) for, I may have created a model which would alert you of those instances when the risk/reward ratio is extremely high (like I believ is the case on the DOW).
Most of the stocks I look at, do not give clear signals, or, if they do, there is still an decent element of risk involved. This is normal.
However, there may be occurrences when i feel, let's say 90% confident.
I would ask for the freedom to be able to open a new thread even if there is an existing one, because I mantain my reports are, in a way, unique.

I hope this does not upset anyone, and, if I find there is a large disagreement, I will be happy to abide by the majority.

I am very happy to share what, I believe, I have learnt so far, because I believe I have something to share.

5) During the week, I am most of the time off-line from this site, (this is because where I work, we only have access for specific websites, and this is not one of those). I can, however, send an email during the day, with the links you have seen during this last weekend, but it needs to be sent to, obviously, a specific recipient. my question is. Would anyone be interested/care, to receive this email and then post it here on CI, may be under the heading "CHARTY'S TA ON..."?

I look forward to hearing from you.



The above does not represent financial advice.

You will not upset anyone, as you know we are a polite and gregarious bunch, (despite my over reaction to your other post).

I can explain the reason why your old user name did not work. The old CI BB was closed down almost without notice. Pigsy managed to obtain a copy of the old BB format and prior to close of CC(1) posted this new web address. Suddenly and somewhat prematurely the BB disappeared. There were reasons for that, which I now know was beyond Dr Iraj's contol. The new BB set up by 'amazing Pigsy' was effectively brand new with no data, postings or members so everybody had to re-register and we began from scratch.

Dr Iraj has promised to post on this BB from time to time and he will honour that pledge, of that I am sure. However, I have pointed out to Doc that he is under no obligation to deliver anything. He was clearly under a lot of pressure for all sorts of reasons (see post by Observer) and he needed to rest for the sake of his health. He has our total support.

I am not sure if we still have details of previous membership. Pigsy might answer this one but I am doubtful due to speed of departure of CI(1).

Your new work on your proprietary model to forecast future share movements is very exciting and I look forward to developments. I think your posts 'are' different and I recognised that in you some time ago.

I think if you are prepared to develop your relationship with Shark Invested then you could provide some welcome leadership to this BB. At the present time that leadership tends to come from a small number of members, although things have been quiet over Christmas. It is good that you are prepared to come back to the BB and share your new ideas with members. I know that Iraj is still around and will be very interested in your model. He is very interested in modelling in the area of 'artificial intelligence' and would, I am sure be pleased to know about any developments with a model to forecast future share price movements.

On your last point, I too have to go to work during the day so I am blind to the market. I do usually make it home for around 12.30pm for lunch and can check my e-mail and post for you on the BB. You might find that some of our members are full time traders and can meet your needs but if not, in emergency please send your post to me and I will get it done if possible. My e-mail is [email protected]

Charty.......... I doubt there is any possiblility of resistacne to your suggestions by the members of this BB and as stated above only with the good office of Pigsey, supported by a small band of stalwarts, would there be such a board at all. Therefore I am sure that EVERYONE will be most interested in what you have to offer this board, and if you need someone to liase to do the necessary posting, I have the time and no incumbrance from a employer, so if you care to write to me at me email address: [email protected] - I will do my level best to ensure all are able to benefit from you posts.

Meanwhile I wish you every success in you venture, and trust you get the reward you justly deserve from your efforts.

Welcome back Natalia/Charty. Any high quality opinions, as yours, is very welcome.

PS. Saw a nice response on Etrade to your Dow posting... 'who needs charts to see where things are going'
May the ignorance continue (to our advantage)

Thank you everyone.

See my reply to Dr. Iraj for my model.

What a day today!

I will try to send the links to John tomorrow, and he is obviously free to post them on this board in the way he deems benefit all of us best.



The above does not represent financial advice.