A message for Charty


Hi, Charty
A few days back I asked some questions about the indicator settings you are using. I'm sorry to bother you if you have been busy. You said you would answer my questions when you got back to your PC.This is just a reminder in case you have forgotten to reply. Below is the text of my original message. Thanks.

I have just read through the analysis of ARM Holdings. I am using AIQ Trading Expert Pro. My charts dont seem to be giving the same signals/numbers as Charty's. I have noticed this on several of Charty's TA charts. I can only presume that she is using different settings to mine. I know for instance that Charty uses shorter term Moving Averages of 5,15 periods as she considers longer term MA's to be too slow for shorter-term trading. I use these myself.
Charty, if you read this can you tell me what settings you are using for SK-SD timing. I am using the default 10 day constant and in your TA of ARM you say that SK-SD is diving from above overbought but on my chart on the 15/01 SK-SD has just given a buy signal crossing over upwards at the 32 level. I feel that my settings for SK-SD are probably too slow and would be interested to know what settings you are using.
Also, What settings do you use for MACD?
You also say that in the case of ARM the lower Bollinger band is at 441-on mine it is at 460.38 on the 15/01.
I am trying to improve my AIQ indicator settings for short-term swing trading (2-10 days)so any suggestions would be appreciated. Also it would align me with your TA analysis charts when I read them.
Thanks, in advance,