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Dear all,

Just a quick update, I hope in the benefit of everyone on this board.

1) There are quite a few. May I suggest, if you find this stuff any interesting, you click on any link and then go to the bottom of the article and select "more articles from Charty".

1bis) May I ask those who are interested in learning about TA, to check my recent articles on SHEL, BARC and PIC. I write these with a view at opening discussion on different technical analysis indicators and how to benefit most from them. I honestly believe they provide interesting readings, particularly now that we know what the share's performance was after I wrote them originally.

2) I have a light feeling the market wants to go up and is just waiting for the 1st excuse to do so. In other times the Nasdaq would have crashed after Nokia's figures, while, instead, it is the Dow suffering the most. I see it as money coming out of those old economy dinosaurs in the Dow and repositioning itself on the Nasdaq. Any views?

3) The FTSE. With VOD being hit all over the place, oil and pharmas being sold to take profit, we may have to wait for these stocks not being battered, before we see a recovery.

Happy trading to everyone!


The above does not represent financial advice.
I have been watching the intra-day graph on Nasdaq for the last 2-3 hours.
My gut feeling is that this market really wants to go up, but simply does not find enough strenght, not yet, at least.
Sometimes it is a good exercise just to see and watch what the market does and "get a feeling for it". We should never be carried away into taking postions in the market on the basis of our feelings only, though.
Never forget the big picture!

The above does not represent financial advice.
Hi Charty

All of your posts are very educational ( for me). Learnt lost from them.

Is it possible to have little description how do you use each indicator i.e. MACD, Bollinger Bands etc??

Thanks again.