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Why I believe Nasdaq and Stock Market will recover.

From and educational point of view, I am very keen on the inter-market analysis. I am still researching into this subject. However, I would appreciate it if you can give some relevance to this article and stimulate the debate (it would be great if people came up with books related to this discipline!)

If there is enough interest, and it does not prove too difficult to follow, I intend to dedicate more time this.

To visit the article click on the URL below

Why the name is changed to Aniela Zawistowska from Charty ??

There was good debate on iii's BB regarding who is Charty or Natalie or Sally or this new name ?

iii bb called it advertising and banned her, because they found out from this BB that she gets paid $0.02 per visit, Charty hasn't hidden that fact. Whatever her/his indentity I personally find the articles well written, interesting and informative,the time and effort that is put in to prepare and put them on bb's deserves any reward she/he receives. Good luck to you Charty.

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Where is Uncles cut ???

There was never any doubt that the link to 'themestream'
was a way of clocking up their hit rate which they can use when approaching advertisers, however Charty's analysis is well researched and written and we are no worse off by having been given direct link access to her views.

Sure this is publicity and I was a little concerned that most of her analysis was restricted to the most popular tech stocks where TA is least effective in relation to the Naz effect, profit warnings and the media etc etc.

However if our John is taking the trouble to route her posts then she should give him a slice of the action and go 50/50 with him.

I guess at the end of the day John takes the trouble for us but dont be used John!! You are worth more than that.

Woow! This was meant to be an educative posting, relating to the use of the CRB index as a market indicator!! It looks as if it is gone slightly in a different direction.

Concerning Sally and the iii mailing list.

Sally and myself have learnt on this thread that she had been banned from that list!! She was never notified by iii!!

There were a couple of ther friends who occasionally posted my threads, I believe they have not been affected.

Sometimes people object to technical analysis by saying that everyone can use it and make money. BUT, there is always someone in the market who makes "mistakes" in the same way there will always be investors who are more concerned about speculating who is writing an article on a stock and why he/she/they are doing, rather than concentrating on what is currently being said. Funnily enough, I have been accused many times of spamming, but I do not honestly remember the last time something I had written had been disputed or queried as incorrect, inexact or whatever.

I remain "around" with a view at learning, if possible "teaching", sharing what I believe I have learnt.

In doing so, I have met people on the Net I have ended up developping different kind of relationship, both in public and off-line or by private email.

Since time is a scarcity for me, any time the relationship gives early signals of a "downtrend" or "reversal", as in the most recent case of the iii list, I "cut losses" or "take profit" (in this case, Sally has been unfairly penalized, since the intention was to "hit" Charty, and not her).

You can never fight the trend in life. This is what I have learnt with technical analysis, and if I still enjoy it, is because it is enriching for myself in a different way than the "monetary way" (by the way, anyone knows a reliable estate agent in Bahamas?).

Finally, once more, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone on this board, with an extra thank you to John (ok, ok, He.she is Charty!!), to Dr.Iraj and the promoters of this site.

There is a lesson in the Sally/Charty/iii story, in my opinion. And the lesson is relating to the way people STILL use the Internet. They use it as long as they see it as a "free lunch". Generally speaking, and I am not referring at all to CI, if they only begin to suspect that I may derive an income of $0.02 per hit, they suspect this is a Scam!

The fact that it would not be $0.02 out of their pocket we are talking about here and the fact that..erm..this is not exactly what I would describe as a huge amount of money (by the way, does anyone know who should I contact to request permission to build an airport in my garden?) do not form part of the equation.

With hinsight, I may have made a mistake. After few years giving training to professionals in the "City" on TA, as part of my job description, I should have set up a "consultancy business" on technical analysis and toured the country giving seminars.

If you get $0.02 per hit, it must be a scam, but if you charge £2,000 for a 2 day seminar (anyone knows someone who would produce lousy T-shirts with the logo "I have done Charty's course" on it?), it must work!

Life is never boring! At least when you are Charty

PS. John, I will email you separately
Well there you go folks..........straight from the horses mouth. Let me say I am quite happy to pass on Charty's links, as I feel there is information in them for everyone, and in particular to those who want to check out their own TA routines against someone else's.

So...........unless the moderators, or even the majority of members, dont wish the links posted I will continue to post as normal.

Am sure Charty will take onboard any comments, in the spirit in which they are intended on this board - that is without malice. As for a share of the spoils........forget it; I am quite happy to give something to this board, in support of those who have given of their time and expertise to keep us all together, and for the efforts of those posters, be they regular or just now and again, and thus sharing our thoughts and experiences.

So my friends heres wishing you more profitable trades, and may your losses be small ones.


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Mmmmmmm facinationg how a thread can wander down a pathway that could not have been predicted.....bit like surfing on the net!!!

For me, I think Chartys posts make fascinating reading, and would even be happy to pay the measly sum of $0.02 out of my own pocket! Lets face it, that sum of money is a paltry sum compared to the work involve. So please, keep up the posts, there's much to learn from them.
I have no problems with any of this and as such would appreciate the continued postings of those involved.
Thank you


Charty..........On a lighter note.........if your heading for the Bahamas find room for me in your suitcase........I'll willingly pay the excess baggage!!!

I would like to invite Charty to make herself/himself properly known to us, and to become "un-anonymous" as it were, and give us a brief resume of experience.
I personally don't follow charty's links...but if they are useful to some members then no problem...only I think either they should be posted within the relevant threads/forums (like TA at the TA forum..PON within PON thread, etc) or altogether within a daily Charty thread (thread name can indicate what links are in)..I also think Chartman raised a good point...


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Sorry if I have caused any problem here.

I was just asking why Charty changed the name on those TA postings?


I fully agree with Chartman's comments.

Charty, why don't you make yourself properly known on this BB?

Charty's Posts

Oops.....didnt realize i was confusing, where I was posting.....I simply to go to search and post under what I think is relevant - generally the post that was previous reference point to the stock in question.

By the can read Charty's profile on the link. I was convinced of the ability, or I wouldnt be passing these links on.


This is the profile of Charty on that site :-

"Copyright Aniela Zawistowska
About this author: . "

"Aniela Zawistowska
Contributor Rating: "



Thank you for all the support.

John, I am sorry I cannot take you to Bahamas. I am there already.

I cannot make it public who is involved with Charty's articles.

As far as the multiple names, some people, like Sally, are just friends, doing what John is doing on this board, namely, posting these links.

I hope this answer all queries, if I have missed any of the points you raised, please let me know.