Technical analysis on Ftse-dax-Nasdaq-Dow


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A special thank you to Joe who contacted me and gave me the new link to this BB!!
The old user's name NATALIA70 does not work anymore, while my lawyers are considering whether we can take the Doc to court for sexual discrimination..Charty is back!

Technical analysis on the Ftse
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Technical analysis on the Dax.
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Technical analysis on the Nasdaq.
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Technical analysis on the Dow.
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WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME Natalia or in your new guise as Charty........Now what could this BB have wished for in a New Year than an old stalwart to return to the fold. Having welcomed you back dear heart I will now proceed to your links so see what little gems you have to offer we mere mortals struggling to make sense of charts in these difficult days.

Best wishes to all for 2001 and may your trades be profitable.

Natalia70 if the Doc disabled your membership he did it because you were promoting another BB, making links to it rather than writing directly for CI. The Doc is not sexist, if you think he is, you are mistaken. You must know that he respected your previous contributions and had a lot of time for female members. I previously asked you if you are a male or female member but I never did resolve that one. One thing is for certain, I, like all the members on this BB welcome all members, regardless of gender and I would wish to welcome you back to this board. Personally, I think it matters not whether you post articles directly on this BB or links to your place. What counts is the quality of your postings and I have always found your work to be first class. Do be aware though that the Doc is still the main man in many peoples eyes because he started it all off, came up with the concept and gave a lot to others.

Kindest regards and best wishes for 2001

Trader.... methinks thou dost misinterpret Charty's reference to the Doc. I read it as a quip, and not in any derogatory way.

It is obvious she, like the majority, did not know the link to this site until some kindly soul led us to the destination.

In fact I was about to write to the dear lady myself having found the other site, in which she writes under the name of Biki, but see Joe got there first.

These articles are first class and well worth the visit, and no reason why she should duplicate on this board, when one click of the mouse takes you there.

Keep up the good work Charty, Biki, or whatever other pen name you choose.


Yes I think you are right, Charty is just using dry humour and I am being too defensive, probably after the last attack on the man. Talk of legal action is threatening and I have misinterpreted the message. Having been out to the gym I think you are right and I have been unfair to Charty. If I have offended Charty then sorry. I am glad you are back, we need something to rejuvenate the BB right now and the high standard of your work is just the tonic needed. You have a lot to offer this BB and please do continue to post as your contribution was and still is appreciated. Its nice to see our members coming back.

Great to see you back Natalia-I have always valued and enjoyed your posts.
Pigsy set up this board from scratch;I see no reason why NATALIA70 would not be accepted if you chose to register it-but then CHARTY is just fine.
Thank you for all the comments and a double thank to Uncle who got me right!! I was just joking concerning Natalia70 having been disabled! By the way, I may be wrong, but I do not think Doc never disabled my old login, I believe that the new board just cancelled it and I had to start from scratch. To the best of my knowledge, we have a very good relationship with the Doc!
Any comments on what I wrote, instead?
I put my head on the line this time on the Dow, I REALLY see the risk/reward ratio being tremendously in favour of taking a short position AND, I just want to reiterate it once more, if this proves to be the case, then I have the 1st confirmation that the forecasting module I am working on, is a reliable predicting tool.
We'll see.
My head remains on the line.

The above does not represent financial advice.
Nice to see you back, Charty but have to say I don't share your bearish view of the Dow for the next week or so - I would not be surprised to see it above 11000 pretty quickly. I'd better go lie down for a while till the feeling passes!!
Also very bullish on the Nasdaq if it holds above 2400 and the futures are trading at a big discount to the cash so presumably everyone is bearish apart from me.
Good luck to you all,could be a big week!
We'll see Spock.
Just one thing.
The Nasdaq, the cash market, is not the same as the future, one is the 100Nasdaq, I never remember which one, but they are not the same animal!
Why are you bullish on the DOW?

The above does not represent financial advice.
I take your point concerning the Nasdaq cash/future-I think the cash is the 500 and the future the 100.
The main reason for my bullish outlook on the Dow is that I expect the trading channel which is evident on the daily chart to be broken to the upside.Depending if and when this occurs it would imply a target of over 11000.I therefore believe the long-overdue retracement we saw on Friday has a bit further to go but should reverse at a fibonacci point (possibly 10670 or 10600)and then break out to the upside.Of course it could break to the downside (currently about 10200)which is why I am waiting for the reversal before buying and will then stop-loss some 50 pts below my entry.
Best of luck!