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My BackgroundSo my real name is Rob but you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure that one out. Also, if you are feeling particularly ‘Miss Marple’, you may have concluded from my handle that I was born in 1970, therefore making me fairly middle aged. Married, 2 children, dog, some chickens, living in a semi-rural location. Work wise I am lucky as I get to choose what I want to do. I do management consultancy/interim management work in my specialist subject of Internet/Telecommunications/Software when I feel like it. I trade when I feel like it. I tend to do one or the other and not both at the same time.
Currently I am on a (roughly) one year assignment somewhere in Europe running a business unit in a turnaround situation for a multinational corporation. Probably when that finishes, I’ll return back to full time trading for a year or so until I get bored again and somebody rings me up for some help. Or maybe I won’t. I stopped trying to predict the future a few years...

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Great read and thank you for your article. Certainly can relate to the 6 years and cost of education learning about trading and top tips and advice.
I'm not sure if it is mellow out with age or cost of education that makes one a better trader. Little bit of both perhaps. Certainly not a quick road to riches.



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luvly jubly


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Very illuminating article.
And very insightful.
Can relate to many of the sentiments expressed about the effort needed to get consistent.


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A great article with some top tips from a very bright guy - Good Luck with what ever you carry on doing - I am trying to work out who you are now via my "vulture capitalist" contacts ;-) but if I do - I will keep it a secret ;-)


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Hard work, but it pays off..

Nice story. I agree, trading requires lot's of hard work and dedication. You must constantly keep learning to improve your skills. But if you have the passion, discipline and the capital to invest, there is nothing better else out there.


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Lovely insights, funny but I sort of saw the six years interval as well from the start to finish. I wish I met that sage a few years earlier. And I second the thought that support from the partner is another key as well. Make or break truly.

Best of luck

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I take me hat off to you sir. I find it tough enough staying ahead of the game being in it year in year out. I'm pretty sure I'd lose me touch if I took time out to follow other projects. But that's me. You're made of finer stuff for sure. Good story and well told. Good luck with your current venture.
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Top stuff, Rob, so as you might say yourself...................


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Many of the observations also resonate with me, particularly regarding the mistakes made and also the last paragraph. Cheers John
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