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It’s with some trepidation that I accepted timsk’s invitation to tell you a little about myself and my trading as it has developed over the years. I hope that this will be the first of many such articles by members – so I will kick off and trust that those who follow have a much more interesting tale to tell.
Before getting into it I want to make it crystal clear that I am strictly an amateur and my trading has never been, nor is today, more than a reasonably profitable sideline. I simply haven’t the balls to even have considered doing it for a living and I doff my cap to those who do.
My backgroundHere I am then, at the back end of life with nearly fourteen years of retirement under my belt after a working life in HM Customs & Excise. A thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling career it was, too, from the early days on the ground to the latter years devoted to management. Not the cushy number that some might imagine, but it did have permanence about it and I count myself...

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Nice piece, it's good to read background info about someone who was such an integral part of t2w's history.
He always seemed a decent mod !


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Great article, very well written ! Lot's of health and all the best for 2014 Jon ! :)


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Good article. The trading method you used is very popular still "...<span>I gradually developed a ‘trend continuation after retracement’ method ..." the youngsters today call it Buy The Flipping Dip.
Glad you survived the 'Dark Side' (HMRC). </span>
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