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Well, I have to confess to being very surprised at being asked by Tim to create a short background piece. I haven’t been around T2W much lately, and when I do pop up it’s usually just to shoot somebody down with an acerbic comment or two and then disappear again for another few weeks. Even when I was most engaged and active with T2W a few years ago, I don’t think I was ever the most popular member. I got a few bans for arguing and standing my ground. I like to call a spade a spade and an idiot an idiot.
Karl6666 summed it up best with the quote I use in my signature: ‘Why doesn’t anybody like you R_E, is it because you shout?’
My BackgroundI’m ex-British Forces, that most famous of oxymoron’s, Army Intelligence. I subsequently spent the best part of a decade in and around Dubai, Kuwait, KSA etc. All the usual ****-holes.
I’ve lived in Thailand for over seven years now, since the birth of the first of my two daughters. After the second one came along, the wife and I split up...

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Trading Ratios

Garry, you're not far off the mark with the 3 out of 10. Have a look at the INDE benchmark and this also quotes 0.3 under this same Number ratio, taking a huge S&P500 data set on a stop-and-reverse basis, using a simplified version of Wilder's DIs. And on a positive note, the Return still manages to tip into profit. Like you say this Number ratio hints at a 'confidence' factor, once you know the odds it helps greatly in approaching the markets. Before compounding however this ratio really needs to be improved otherwise you're in trouble - you at least need to get to 1:1 to stand a chance. Trying a dual-time approach, and also a more sensitive price indicator than the DI crossovers, can help in this.


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Thanks Gaz
Well written, and nice to see you're working well within your framework.
It takes courage to be a trader, and good to see you've still got what it takes.
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