Member of the Month - Nov 2003


The results are now in for last month's nominations and the results were as follows:

The Top 5 Nominations were (in descending order, and showing number of votes):

1. ChartMan 10
2. Skimbleshanks 6
3. Newtron Bomb 4
4. bonsai 3
5. Grey1 3

Congratulations to ChartMan who is officially declared November 2003's Member of the Month. Nominations for this month will open later today.

Here's what members had to say about ChartMan...

For his tireless analysis on the Dow!!

Running an excellent thread. adds real value to other members. Unbiased, detached and balanced perspective on the market.

Chartman is more than helpful when responding to newbies and technophobes alike. His postings are (usually!) detailed and helpful.

FTSE Beater
Superb posts on the Dow, sticking up for those who have been wronged and helping out wherever possible.

Excellent general posts, and great personal assistance!

china white
sharpest trader imo. I personally learnt LOADS from his outstanding TA. And very helpful person if u've got any Qs or need clarifications.

Excellent posts and information/diagrams posted daily. Very much appreciated. Thank you.

He consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty !
reddragon Volume of knowledge and willing to share experience, i.e walks the talk !!

ChartMan Has A Real Talent; Meaningful Analysis Nightly.
Nominations for this month are now open.

Please note previous award winners should not be renominated.

A very well deserved award :cool:
....No point runnning next months award in my humble opinion....and apologies for those who feel they may have chance...but in my books Chartman is Member of the Year - not Month......!!!
Congrats CM!

Thanks for the invaluable daily charts guidance..

Well done!!

Regards :cheesy:
Fifthed. Nice one and thoroughly deserved.

Er, Chartman Helps All Rookie Traders Maintain A Nedge?

Where's me thesaurus?
Ahhh, so someone did notice my creativity. :D The only other nominee whose name was easy to do was Bonsai - Bedazzling On Numerous Stocks And Indices. :cheesy:

How about:
Can Help All Rookie Traders Make A Nest-egg

if it relies on such creativity I'm not sure you've got much chance!!
on the other hand

Sensible Kind Intelligent Moderating, Beautiful and Loving Even
She Has A Naughty Knock Sometimes

Sorry Chartman, it's your day well done
CM many congrats!

Two observations:
1. I am though a little surprised to read that so few people voted. That said, perhaps not so surprised as it took me a while to find the thread for voting. (I forgot to suscribe to thread). I suspect that a lot of members found it too difficult to vote and i wouldn't be surprised if most of the votes where casted shortly after you introduced the concept of MOTM. So, I would recommend to put the MOTM competition among the other compatition in top menu.

2. While I can sympathise with idea that past winners cannot be nominated, I think this would be a mistake as it would assume that T2W is static as opposed to be in constant flux. Hey, we are traders and need to adapt constantly to changing circumstances. And so should T2W and its MOTM.

Fe let's assume CM continues to run a great thread (in addition to all the oher work), I see no reason why he can't win again, especially as he (contrary to many other excellent contributors) is not flocking his commercial services. secondly , i noticed that his following is constantly changing as traders switch focus, u/l, trading methods etc. I also assume T2W's active membership is changing and chooising winners of MOTM should not be restricted to new memebres.

Currently, I would have little difficulty finding at least 5 potential MOTM candidates. Beyond those, I my view the MOTM might be compromised. I also think that election should not be based on past performance (MOTM is not a mutual fund, haha).

Anyway, T2W members adapt to change and so should T2W MOTM awards. As compromise, may I suggest that fe past winners cannot be nominated the next month? Beyond that the MOTM competition should be free open and highly competitive, just like the markets we are trading.
May I thank you for all the kind words on here and the dow thread. It is very gratifying to know that I have in some small way, helped various members in one way or another. You should now have all received your plain brown envelope.... :cheesy:
CM, many congrats!

I personally learnt more from u abt the divergence concept than over my 4+ yrs on the floor. U r a brilliant mind indeed and yr analysis is always excellent.

Thx to yr insights I was able to fully incorporate "surgical" divergence approach into my trading system. I've had 4 losing trades over the course of past 3.5 months - all of them not exceeding 24 teenies. Many thx for yr analysis which allowed me to pinpoint entries and manage exits with an amazing precision.

Cheers matey
Apologies to bgold for taking such a long time to respond.

Taking each of your points in turn..

1. "Difficulty in locating the contest"

Yes I agree, the contest needs to be much better publicised on the site - I think a link in the community drop-down would be the most appropriate. I'll add one tomorrow along with a link from the site or forum homepage.

2. "Nominating previous winners"

Yes, those are good reasons in favour of re-nominating past winners and perhaps we should allow this. It also depends on how we recognise past winners, do all winners have some badge against there name or just the current winner, should we have a separate page that lists all previous winner (like a hall of fame) and should a mention also be added to their profile?

3. "Currently, I would have little difficulty finding at least 5 potential MOTM candidates. Beyond those, I my view the MOTM might be compromised. "

Are you saying that we should cut down the nominations from 10 to 5? Certainly I think we should limit members to only nominating a single candidate - but would be interested other opinions as to the number allowed. I think you can have too many which spreads the votes thinly and means you're going to see the same names nominated every month, but possibly never winning. However, if you have too few the nominations can quickly mount up and limit the available choice.

4. "I also think that election should not be based on past performance"

Yes agreed, and I think the first month it was most probably based more on the last six months than the one is meant for - which is no bad thing the first time round, but subsequent months it should be a reflection of the current contributions to the site.

5. "may I suggest that for past winners cannot be nominated the next month"

That's a good idea.


I also think that a suitable prize should be given each month as an incentive for people to vote. We could for example give away some items from the store or have someone sponsor the contest like for the dow and share competitions.
As I'm heading down to London for the Xmas party, and running a little behind schedule I'm going to refrain from putting the changes for the MOTM live until beginning of next week.