Member of the Month and Moderators


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Chartman, in his acceptance, avers that Moderators should not be nominated. Why?

It seems to me that, if all they did was moderate, OK, but, as far as I can see all the moderators contribute a great deal to the boards, in fact, they are, in the main, the most active members.

As far as I am concerned, they are very deserving of a nomination if we (the hoi poloi :p ) say so :cheesy:

Pity we can't nominate Sharky :(
I agree with orchard - if you can't nominate/ vote for one of the
best then the comp. can be farcical. How about a rule where
the months winner is to be excluded for nomination for the
following 2/3 month period?
Hi Orchard

I agree (speaking as a member not a moderator). The moderators are members too, and deserve to be nominated if someone feels they do :)

Sharky certainly shouldn't be voted for. He would win more often than not and he has to give everyone else a chance....doesn't he ;) ;)

Hi RedDragon

I think that is an excellent idea :)