Happy and Profitable


Veteren member
To all the 2006 Active Traders on T2W

As a new registered member to this site I first would like to take this opportunity to wish SHARKY (paul) all the best with any future developments with T2W
I have been a regular visitor to this amazing site for the last few months of 2002(sitting as a guest) and how wonderful it has been to see the more senior members taking the time out with their advice to the novice trader.
CHEERS. To you all

Thanks first to the LADY members that I know of,
(The queen of the b/boards) I am sure that 2003 is going to make you as profitable as Skimbleshanks
(by the way SHARKY if you are going to the get together on 11th. Jan take some mistletoe and give the LADYS a belated new year x or two from me (LOL)


Chartman, (martin)
Your advice on computers and posting of charts on a daily basis has been an excellent eye opener.

Naz, (Alan) Well with a surname likes RICH how could you fail. I remember the first time I saw you on cnbc and thinking here is someone worth listening to more, some time in the future. What I liked about you NAZ was that confident smile you had when taking about level 2, a pleasant change from listening to the waffling brigade.

I realize that there are many others worthy of a mention and I hope that in the near future that our paths will cross.
Hi be-positive,

Ok what are you really after? You are being far too sweet ;) (Only teasing)

Happy new year!
Hi Be-Positive,

You have certainly endeared yourself to all of us.Thank you for the kind comments.Its always nice to hear from people who have been visiting as a guest and then decide to post.

Thanks once again.Have a profitable New Year.