Happy Days


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To celebrate my 100th post, I've come down to the lounge - a bit early in the day I know - but I've managed to grab the whole of the comfy sofa - and I've got our good barman, Phil Yabutes, to pour me a pint of Summer Lightning (Hop Back Brewery, Salisbury) and as I drift off, I'm reminiscing on the joys of making a living from trading.

1. I am now completely in charge of my own income. I don't have to argue about my worth and beg for a pay rise. I don't have to worry about the phone ringing and having to explain why such and such a project has not been completed.

2. When I make a profit the money is in my account immediately. I don't have to put in an invoice, wait 30 days, remind nag and then eventually get the money.

3. I'm paid to visit t2w or put another way anything I learn about how to trade, what to trade, when to trade or even where to trade will improve my returns or cut my losses. By investing in my financial knowledge I am investing in my livelihood.

4. With an income based on capital I am building myself a much securer future and an earlier retirement than an income based on physical effort. Even if I could not work, provided I keep my mind I can make a living like this for the rest of my days and when I pass away I will have something to pass on to my family as well.

5. I don't see the suffering of the person whose money I am taking - mind you if I didn't take it from him/her - somebody else would.

6. This only applies to the sort of trading I do, but it doesn't require my constant attention so I can go shopping, do a bit of gardening, sleep and still make money. I can even do it on holiday.

7. I hesitate to say this as pride comes before a fall, but I am on my third pint by now - it is easy. Taking candy from babies. I just wish I had started this years ago, well to be more accurate about 12 years ago not 2.

So happy days indeed. We have a lot to be thankful for. Now we just have to start thinking about those that are not as fortunate as ourselves.