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Your right about support. I've e mailed them when they should be tucked up in their beds; and had a response within the hour.
Those guys don't sleep!

What an absolutely great service Jerry and his team provide.
And all for free or very little cost. (I actually like the adverts, but could do with the 5 days data. Decisions, decisions).
They really put a lot of data/software providers to shame.

Does it really matter about the chart fill?


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would you like to see a UK section of the QT boards for us on this side of the pond ?

its an idea i had a while ago, now i'm not so sure it would be much benifit


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I am sure it would be a good idea. There are lots of people using it over here and the US board doesn't have much about European markets and Forex.


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Does anyone use a simulator/order entry with Quotetracker?
I use Tsim+ with my esignal setup, & need something similar.
I asked T333 who is a wealth of knowledge, but he doesn't know of one. Thanks anyway Paul.


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Oldun - Scottrade backfill is 5 minute. Others are 1 minute. We will be adding some Level II enhancements. Don't know if we will have # best since that would only show the info based on the time the L II window was up, MM highlighting is a posibility. IB stuff will be looked at as well

osho67 - cannot change the charting stuff at this time. May be able to do it in the future

JayGE - Do you use IB as a broker by any chance?

Jerry Medved


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Thanks for the reply. I have to say that the support you provide is fantastic.

I look forward to the L II enhancements. MM highlighting ( > 1 MM if possible) is very important for watching the primary and secondary Ax. # Best is of no real value in the circumstances you describe. An indicator of increases / decreases in the bid/offer of each participant is very useful. I appreciate the T&S window, to a degree, with the inside prices, already does this but the important thing is to be able to see the changes in sentiment of all the major participants.

Thanks again.


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I use stockwatch for data but as you can see from the chart, the volume is not much use. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced data provider that provides good volume data?


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for indices, volume is usually returned as a separate symbol. You can try Scottrade - we just added them as an index source in the beta version of QT (streaming). I know they have that symbol


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I have QT & IQ Feed working like a dream this morning, thanks to the help from the techsupport chaps & can I say I am most impressed with the software & the tech help...this goes for IQfeed as well in case anybody is wondering, their messenger helpline is very good, quick & helpful.

one tiny question : when putting in trendlines on a single chart, is there anyway u can select different colours for different trendline's ?. if not would this be a possible for the future.......also , this is probably overstepping the mark, would it be feasable to have a 'background shading difference' between 2 set trendlines i.e. a 'range indicator' ?

Many Thanks



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When trading Nasdaq stocks on Time and Sales there are 3
colours red, green and white. Do white trades represent trades
transacted between bid and ask or something else ?

Also you occasionally see a negative volume figure appear on
T & S, is this people shorting stocks or something else ?



Jerry Medved

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Right now, there is no way to color individual trend lines. It may be somethng thats added in the future.

Shading difference between 2 trend lines - not likely. Doing something like that with some channel indicators - maybe.

Trader333 - The specific colors are dependent on the color scheme, and also on where you are looking. For PRICE column, its exactly what you said. For bid/ask, it indicates when the bid/ask changed and in which direction. While on the raw data window, hit F1

Negative volume should not happen. Basically means that QT received a quote with a volume value that is lower than the volume on the previous quote for that symbol. If it happens often, email our support and indicate which QT version and quote source you are using.
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