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it is very rare that it is possible to find free real time chart and quote software. With Medved you get good quality analysis, i was introduced to it by a friend of mine she says she has upgraded to software which is expensive but has 'downgraded' back to medved because it is so good,
ideal for beginners and poor people ;)
rating: 8/10
i think a link and sample would be nice
Medved ([url][/URL]

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I used to use Quotetracker but have never worked out how to backfill intra-day charts. I use the Datek Streaming Indicies data source.

Does anyone know a good way of backfilling charts?

Dr Mike

You need a data source with a backfill service, from the options in QT, Datek doesn't seem to provide it.



Dr Mike said:
You need a data source with a backfill service, from the options in QT, Datek doesn't seem to provide it.


Actually, now Datek does. Update your QuoteTracker - Datek will be one of the available backfill sources.


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Very tempted to try QT. I need US shares and indices, plus Nasdaq L2 and backfill. Whilst I see there are lots of data providers available, can anyone recommend one that is fast and reliable from direct experience?


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QT with a free resistration with Scottrade should give you most if not all of what you are looking for, its what I am currently using.


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Hi Roger,

I am using , total price is $64.85
which includes L2 and backfill

I use IB feed for the es/nq futures .


Jerry Medved

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ianp, $64.85 sounds too high for with Level II & backfill.

Level I is $12.95 including exchange fees. Level II is $19.95 + excahnge fees (another $10) so thats $42.90. Backfill is free if you have both Level I and Level II. Did you also subscribe to News or PowerView?

Scottrade - one note. Gotta use a US mailing address and email should be something generic, not one with


Roger, is pretty good and the only other I would look at is IQ. Why are you considering leaving esignal ?

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