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Is there anybody using Medved? Any comments about the free package? Thanks
Hi osho67, I do!

I think its a terrific package. Using it for futs and us stocks. And a rt/server for amibroker and Metaserver-->Prosuite2000i or MS/RT or Excel/RT.

Take the time to study all options, if possible using a second datafeed with more data (ameritrade/scottrade). Play with charting options (like translucent where I put 1 chart ( BUND) over another (BOBL) ). And use set alerts.


I have been using it for six months and it is great. I registered to get 5 days worth of data on a chart. The free package is fine but you can only get two days worth of data on a chart.

I use Stockwatch for the data and pay around $15 a month.
Yep I can highly recommend it too. I just use the free package with Scottrade for live index charts mainly. Seems very flexible too in allowing the user to change settings on the charts. The only downside is that, as Bb said, you only get 2 days worth of data.

I also use Quotetracker and find it excellent.

How do you open 2 L2 & T/S screens?

What I do is highlight the stock in your stock list and then right click and you get the screen below. You can select Level II or Raw Data which is the T & S and then just repeat this to get more Level II screens up.

I hope that this helps




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Oldun - multiple Raw data windows in QT - Go to OPTIONS/Data Sources, QUOTES tab. On there, check the box to allow multiple raw data windows. (T&S = Raw Data)

You should be able to bring up multiple Level II windows on different stocks without having to do any special settings.

Jerry Medved
Which datafeed do you QT users find best for r/t with backfill. I need both US and UK. I currently use IB for trading and MyTrack with Sierra for the US and UK.
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For the US data I use but I have no need of UK data so I dont know if they would provide this but I suspect that they dont. You can get a free 14 day trial to try it which is worth considering.

I think that the software is fine, but I do not like the fact that the free service will only hold 2 days of data, I think it holds 5 days if you are using a pay feed. Using esignal alongside it, I found that the indicators have totally different readings - due to their different capacities for historical data. Personally I would prefer more historical data than less.
Also, you need to be connected to the program and internet all day or your charts will not update, if you have broadband this will not cause a problem.

if you want more data, you DO have the option of registering :)

As for having to be connected all day, thats not quite true - QuoteTracker can backfill the charts, same as the other packages. You just need to use a datafeed that supports backfill. Most of the subscription datafeeds do, as well as a number of brokers, including DATEK/Ameritrade, Freetrade, CyberTrader and Scottrade. For US Securities, you can also subscribe for free to Scottrade to get 1 day backfill. For UK securities, we support ADVFN right now (I think you need subscription for backfill - don't remember for sure) but will be adding full MoneyAM support shortly. We plan to add eSignal shortly as well for all exchanges that they support.

Jerry Medved
I don't think there is another program that will allow you to use 2 day real time charts for free. Registering is worth it as the 5 day charts makes a big difference. Are there any plans to increase the maximum days? The more days I can see on a chart, the better it is.

I do find the RSI a bit oversensitive for the Dow, even with a 5 day chart. Changing the settings doesn't seem to help much. I still check the RSI on bigcharts as that seems to only hit 20 or 80 occasionally. It would be great if I could get the RSI to look like that.
we plan on doing further optimization and caching of the data, at which time we may increase the max # of days.

How are you getting Metaserver to pick data up from Medved, are you using DDE if so what Metaserver version are you using? and also could you confirm your datasource for Medved?

Much obliged for any response.


Short answer: I can send you a description as soon as I ve returned (end of next week) - albeit its in Italian. But easily understood.

Long answer: Install QT as webserver, put in stocks.ini, use Excel 97 or later, Metaserver 2.0 RT DDE , make shure TS and Global Server use DBC.

If its not detailed enough, let me know where I can mail the word-descrpt. , next week, Italian.

Or Jerry Medved might be so kind to give some hints.

And don`t forget to klick, otherwise qt will stop. How many clicks, Jerry??


I forgot, IB for futures and ameritrade/datek for stocks and options. But demo only 2 symbols

Therefore I reconsider now to switch to hyperserver lite ( - Free Tools).


I am having difficulty getting a backfill on 1 minute data.

I have no problem with 5 mins.

Any suggestions?