MarketCenter 4 & Quotrek


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The MarketCenter pricing has been changed to make it more affordable for users many International exchanges and Futures exchanges.

We are working on a major upgrade to MarketCenter version 4 that will include a Market Depth window applet and a streaming News applet. We will support AFX European news in this version. RNS news will be add in the first quarter also.

Early next year we'll start adding many European Market Depth services, with London being available first.

Check out the latest MarketCenter here:

Quotrek Beta

The NEW Quotrek!

We have a very early beta starting up as the companion product to MarketCenter for mobile users called Quotrek. It is only for the brave, since it is the first public beta. Also, it is only for MarketCenter users, not eSignal yet ... that will come in a few weeks, need to connect the entitlements still.

But it is interesting to check out the site out to get a good idea of where we are going with streaming real time quotes, news, and charts on PDAs and Cell phones. There is also a multimedia demo online.

Check it out here: