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eSignal has launched a new real time streaming quote product MarketCenter. We have a special offer of FREE first month - regular price just $4.95! Exchange fees extra.

This product is targeted at the less active trader, or casual investor who wants a true real time streaming product. Can run on any PC without having to download software.

This is a light weight Java real time streaming US and Canadian stock quote system. With Java it runs on PCs, MACs, and Linux, and is firewall friendly (can use it at work).

Uses the same reliable (award winning) eSignal quote servers. Many add on options will be coming soon - expect streaming charts, Scanners, and Futures (eminis) in early May. Adding European exchanges in June.

Check it out here:

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MarketCenter on other platforms

MarketCenter on other platforms.

If any users run this on a Apple Mac, Linux, or Unix - please let us know how it goes. Coming from the Windows world we were only able to test it on a limited set of systems. Since it is Java, our goal is for it to run on all systems.


I presume this is purely web based and doesnt work with SierraCharts?


MarketCenter Charting.

MarketCenter will not work with other software as it is browser based using streaming Java.

It does include streaming charts with these studies:

Ability to apply more than 15 overlaid studies to the chart, including Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, Bollinger Band, Donchian Channels, Accumulation/Distribution, ADX, DMI, Average True Range, Chaikin Oscillator, Commodity Channel Index, MACD, Momentum, On Balance Volume, Rate of Change, RSI, Stochastics and Williams %R

If you have other questions, you can post them here:


I just tried to signup for the market center service but your form would not accept my credit card - which i know is in working order because i recently made a purchase on something else. Would you please investigate this for me, thanks...

A friend of mine had E-Signal live feed, but found inaccurate prices, eg. it had ARM> at a price low that when checked out even by E-Signal tech. team agreed that arm never hit that spec. price. I still do not know if the error was ES or the exchanges fault all I know is it cocked up all EW software, and cost my friend a few bob. do not trust feed prices except poss. on the indices.
My experience of feeds is that you have to go for the best for the particular market you are trading, even if that means subscribing to a data feed for each market. eSignal is a US company and its strengths have traditionally been in the US markets, although it is diversifying into other markets. It's not been a major player in UK data feeds, and therefore perhaps one needs to take this into consideration.

I've not yet come across one data feed provider which excels at both UK and US markets, perhaps with the exception of CQG but then that comes at a very hefty cost.

I'd love to trade European indices, but until I can find a data provider which is reliable, and has nice-looking charts which do not self-alter on the vertical axis, then I have to sit here and type on this BB to while away the time until the US market opens!
Am using e-signal for DAX and FTSE, and while there were a few problems earlier this year, it all seems to be sorted now. Of course the US feeds are first class and the new advanced charting is brilliant. Highly recommended.

No I do not work for nor am I being paid by e-signal!

I have tried other feeds, and while e-signal is not the easiest to come to grips with, once you get the hang of things there is a lot to play with.
MarketCenter & eSignal

Thanks for all the replies. Expanding into the European market was a big step for eSignal last year. We added over 18 European exchanges and history to our service. Our parent company, FT Interactive Data has a large presence in the UK.

We intend to add much more this coming year. More history data, more exchanges and improvements in speed to our ticker plants for the European market.

We also intend to add Market Depth (Level 2) for London and other European exchanges plus European news services.

MarketCenter will support these 18 European exchanges sometime during June. This will provide a low cost streaming service for this marketplace.

To find out more, visit us at:

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Hi Chuck

Presumably Europen sactor will be accessible via Metastock Professional..???

If e signal has been talking to Metastock about the users in Europe, could you please shed any light of what is Planned..

Thanks oatman - I looked at Tenfore about 18 months ago but didn't go with them, iirc it was because of the satellite stuff.

I didn't realise they threw charts in - what sort of prices are you paying for your data? I would just need financial futures in Europe and US.
You can get it on internet as well.
I only take LIFFE for FTSE Future, £79 pm + fees + VAT.
Indices INDU, S&P and DAX are free. Could work out expensive with US and UK. Might be negotiable, there's a lot of competition about lately.
I didn't use the chart package much 'til recently. It's got the basics. Get a free trial. Ask for Clive Arneil in London.

Good luck,
ps. Couple of guys in support are very helpful. Had to set up again(my fault) :eek: they asked what markets I wanted to display and emailed the set up. I can now click any market and drag it into the chart. Didn't know the facility existed! Must read the book some day. :LOL:
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Hi Chuck, this looks a very interesting package for the money.

Is it possible to put trend lines on the streaming charts ?

eSignal Charting.

Questions on charting ....

The MarketCenter Charts don't do line drawing. It is meant to be a simple package, but does have 15 built-in studies.

The full eSignal package is an open platform where new studies can be added on the fly - new ones can be programed using Javascript. The are hundreds of studies available. To better understand the full power of eSignal please review this page: