eSignal MarketCenter - low cost streaming quotes.


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Thanks oatman - I looked at Tenfore about 18 months ago but didn't go with them, iirc it was because of the satellite stuff.

I didn't realise they threw charts in - what sort of prices are you paying for your data? I would just need financial futures in Europe and US.


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You can get it on internet as well.
I only take LIFFE for FTSE Future, £79 pm + fees + VAT.
Indices INDU, S&P and DAX are free. Could work out expensive with US and UK. Might be negotiable, there's a lot of competition about lately.
I didn't use the chart package much 'til recently. It's got the basics. Get a free trial. Ask for Clive Arneil in London.

Good luck,
ps. Couple of guys in support are very helpful. Had to set up again(my fault) :eek: they asked what markets I wanted to display and emailed the set up. I can now click any market and drag it into the chart. Didn't know the facility existed! Must read the book some day. :LOL:
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Hi Chuck, this looks a very interesting package for the money.

Is it possible to put trend lines on the streaming charts ?



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eSignal Charting.

Questions on charting ....

The MarketCenter Charts don't do line drawing. It is meant to be a simple package, but does have 15 built-in studies.

The full eSignal package is an open platform where new studies can be added on the fly - new ones can be programed using Javascript. The are hundreds of studies available. To better understand the full power of eSignal please review this page:



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Have just downloaded a 30 day trial for esignal; is there a way to get a hard copy manual? also, do you do training in the UK for users?
Many thanks


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At eSignal we have lots of online help available - a file sharing to see other's new studies and chart examples, a learning center of the pros, and an online forum with users helping each other.

Check it out:

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