Lost Short-cut & Folder Icons

Hill Farmer

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I have upgraded from Win 95 to Win 98. Everything went fine. I then went into internet and started to download some files. THEN, the computer crashed. I re-booted and found that in place of my windows icons I had black squares, and also for my folder icons. I can still launch progs etc, but do not much like looking at screen chess like board view. Does anyone knop what's happened? Even when I attempt to change the icon from the properties screen, the icon is selects but does not change the on-screen black square. A corrupted file or is it more sinister? Help.
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If you can live with it 'til Tuesday, I have a friend that knows how to sort this..( as far as I can remember) Don't panic...
M, problem solved. I posted the same question on Woody's Lounge (someone on this site recommended it a few week's back). I got a reply, the suggestion being that it is sometimes useful to the delete the file 'ShellconCache' in the Windows directory and re-boot. Well, that did the trick! Must find out if deleting this file will solve any other problems, like enabling me to pick better shares or not come near the bottom of theweekly trading competition like last week. Thanks for offering to help.