Problems tranfering Chartfolders from Windows XP to Windows 7

Apr 15, 2010
Greetings Everyone,

I am currently using Tradestation 2000i (TS) and Dial Data as my data vendor. I know there was a question in a recent post about using TS in Windows 7. I installed TS on Windows 7 and for the most part it works ok. I also copied my previous charts that I had developed in the Chartfolders located in the MyWork folder into the new identical folders. When I went to open a file, the information on these charts showed up in the windows 7 version. However, all my previous indicators, notations, drawings, etc., etc. were no longer there - it was basically a blank screen. Apparently it stated something to the effect that the name of the chart had been changed and it proceeded to prompt me to delete the previous indicators I had on the chart - it gave my no other option but to hit "ok" if I wanted to get out of this screen. My question is, does anybody have any suggestions on how to import or copy charts developed on windows xp version to the windows 7 and still keep all my notations, drawings, etc.

I should add that I went and verified all the indicators that I had used on these charts using the Easy Language Power Editor and they all checked out ok.

Thanks everyone for any suggestions,