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Have started using the virtual "Marketmaker", platform,after downloading from the CMC site, just to see whether to change from Fins.
A word of warning to some people whose computers it may effect.I have found it an absolute nightmare, it worked just once properly after being installed, and I spent 2 days trying to figure out the prob.
Sent e-mail to CMC, who replied by sending me a long list of settings to adjust (this is a preprinted list for everybody). Obviously they know it does not work correctly already.
It messed up my computer the times I attempted to use it, and any programmes I was running were affected.,to be honest there were so many weird things happening on screen,that I lost contact with the number of errors, and especially crashes.
To be fair, I am awaiting a CD for the "normal" proper dealing platform, so maybe the virtual was cobbered together without too much thought, but it is annoying when they ask you to test drive a programme that will affect a lot of computers.They themselves admitted this.
Have uninstalled Marketmaker, but there are still some files/folders could not uninstall. Nevertheless, there has been a vast improvement in speed and stability since this has been done.
Anyone else any probs, with this?
I have never used the "Virtual" MM you mention but use the "Full" version and haven't had any issues with that apart from minor ones which have been fixed. Doesn't seem to affect my computer too badly and hasn't been the sole reason for any crashes that I am aware of.


At our meeting in East Sussex last night, Davelong was discussing that virtual dealing platform. Why don't you PM him? He is a very helpful chap and may share his experiences with you.

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never had a moments problem with it except when i had a very slow connection (29kbps) which is very borderline for it, and when i hadn't cleared my temp internet cache for months. Running XP, if that makes any difference.

I did have a few issues (prices "freezing") on running under Windows 98. But now running using windows XP and installed directly from the CD - run likes a dream !! :D

Maybe get the CD and install and see what happens
Thanks Seancass,will pm Dave Long,just as well you were discussing it recently.
Will get CD for full version though,as it may well be more stable, in any case XP is more stable than my windows 98 I have got,probably mixture of both.Thanks for contributions
I had a few problems recently. When I closed a trade, my computer froze. Hasn't happened since their last software upgrade.

It was annoying because I was unable to cancel my stop order and ended up loosing money on a trade I did not want to enter. I am sure they deliberately haven't linked stop and limit orders to trades as they must make money when it is not possible to cancel a stop or sometimes when people forget to cancel stops.

Sometimes my stop order takes a long time to cancel and a few times I have had to phone them about it. Once they wouldn't cancel the trade when it was their software that seemed to cause the problem. So I just use mental stops now. It is a shame that they have the smallest spreads but will soon loose my custom if they can't link stops to trades. It is much more straightforward to automatically cancel stop and limit orders when a trade is closed. Finspreads and IG Index do this so I can't see why Deal4free wont. It is good to be able to use stop and limit orders to enter trades but I think both options should be available.
Have you tried using the "Lite" version of the D4F software available at:

I use it all the time for CFDs. OK, it does not have all the features of the "Full" version of MMv5 but it does use far less of your computer resources. The only problem I find with it on occasion is that it is web based, so if IE crashes on your machine, you have to restart D4F Lite and login again. But I can live with that to stop my computer slowing down too much with the "Full" version.


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I haven't tried deal4free lite for a while. Will have a look but I think until they do something about the stops, I will stop using them for index trading. A mental stop can be hard to implement and their system seems to find my stop too easily. The spread might be smaller than others but if my stop gets hit it doesn't matter.

When I have gathered enough funds, I will use them for share trading.
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You've just made my night! Thank you so much.

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The stops on "Lite" are the same as available on MMv5 I think. And yes, they can still take a while to cancel!

The purpose of my suggestion for D4F "Lite" was primarily a very considerable reduction in using your internal computer resources over MMv5 which I really do consider a big resource hog.

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deal4free MM

Like your idea of using a lite version of the Marketmaker, first I've heard about it, will give it a whirl.

Wonder what sort of memory CMC expect us to have to make full version operate without too many probs,I have 256 RAM and thought it would be OK. Obviously not.Must get IBM mainframe to help!
512 they recommend ridiculous aint it,

Works a lot better with a lot of ram, but that doesnt mean the bugs already in it wont screw things up for you too