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I've been trading (EOD) with CMC (formerly DealFor Free) and I've not had a lot of problems.
I have access to some 3rd Generation indicators (think your '3' phone compared to analogue) and would like to test them on the CMC platform.

Of course, CMC are not prepared to code them for me into their platform - and I wouldn't want them to, since then I would no longer have an edge ;-)

From my discussions with CMC London, their platform is closed and they don't publish or release an API. I want to know if there are any programmers out there want to have a crack at deciphering the CMC datafeed. I've "sniffed" it but I'm not sure if it's encrypted.

Anyone got anything to offer?



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I believe there is something on their website about an API via their CMC Partners offering. Never got 'round to finding out if normal people can use it though (aimed at brokers etc.).

Have been thinking about decompiling their code but concerned they'd boot me off!
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