LLS 3 Day Cycle Method


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Has anyone used the above trading method?

Would you like to explain it. Do you continue to use it?


It's actually LSS (Long, Short, Sell). The biggest proponent of this method (apart from Taylor who wrote it) is George Angell - you can find explanations of it in most of his books. This link is a brief explanation...


The only other person I know who uses it is www.daytradersaction.com. He doesn't explain it but every day just says 'I think it is Day 1 of the cycle so you should be thinking about buying today' etc.

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A couple of years ago I messed around with Taylor's LSS method, but it didn't get me very far. There are some mistakes in his book (typographical errors probably) so that didn't help either.

I also know someone who thought that George Angell's book was a pile of you-know-what!

However, it did start me off on the road of looking at cycles - and those were good! In my mind the 3 day cycle is just too small to be of any use.
So what are the good cycle lengths? I haven't got in to cycles but keep reading that they can work well.
And there's me saying 12- 15 mins is a magic cycle time. Mind you, whatever the cycle time , arriving in three's is great for predicting/anticipating.
Have the best of both worlds - get rid of the leather executive chair and replace it with an exercise bike. Then you can trade cycles and cycle :D

And if you're a full-time trader, you can also tell everyone that you cycle to and from work! Hahaha
Thanks for the replies. I like cycling and have an exercise bike but I haven't got in to market cycles. Hope it isn't as painful to learn as riding a bike.