Dax 30 Futures via SB.


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Have read some of the threads relating to DAX. Anyone actively trading this via spread-betting? If so your pearls of would be most appreciated. Areas of ineterest.
Fair value based on?
Pre-market trading any pointers?
Eod data and gaps on opening?
Time frame - day/intraday or medium term - which and why?
Method - trend, swing, cycles, contrain - your experience.
Indicators used.
Which SB and problems encountered? Etc..
TYIA, Del.
FWIW I SB Dax in favour of the ESTX. But I'm not doing much at the moment having decided that with all my other distractions I'm best spending my very limited time on the futures trading. But DAX trades nicely on a 10 min chart. I use D4F. I definately prefer it to ESTX SB given the same spread.

I use a 10 min chart, MA envelopes and the Sierra Default Stochastic cross setting. Simple but it works fine.

del. I also trade the DAX every day. The reason being good spread width every day. Presently the 10 day MA is 80 points. The last three days average is 87 points. I S.B. using Yahoo (Free)
with D4F charting package. Ive found unlike other indices the present price is within the D4F spread. This is important when spread betting. Yahoo also has several indicators and chart types.
The data works for me. Comments from other members would be welcome if ther is a better way of doing it. Helen what do you use?