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Recently I sent out to my free newsletter subscribers a lesson I had written a couple years ago dealing with what I call the PAUSE formation. The reason for this was that a market that I had been sharing future cycle turn dates on had formed the early warning sign for a PAUSE formation and may present an opportunity for a trade. At the very least, it should help those looking to learn more about cycle turns, swings, pivots and other associated phenomena to cycles. The more you understand a tool or indicator the better you can exploit it.
The PAUSE formation is very simple to identify. But what I want to discuss first is what to look for in order to determine a POTENTIAL PAUSE formation. Unless you have some advanced warning, who cares what the formation is after-the-fact?
Let’s start from the basics. In dealing with market cycles, it has to be understood that market patterns are the result of the cumulative effect of several cycles. But to make it really simple, let’s just call...

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Using inside days to signal a lower TF reversal will lead to more false signals than true ones. There are a number of additional tests which can be applied to filter much higher probability trades.

The subject of multi-TF analysis deserves a more thorough treatment even as a TF-101 than this author has given it.
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A very basic write up,,, Basically all he is saying is higher time frames pressurize the lower ones and one must have confirmation of a higher time frame ,, This is correct and we have already discuused the application of Multi time frame analysis on TECHNICAL TRADER and developed a strategy which we have called it strategy 3.

How ever ,, just knowing this concept on its own is not enough to make a trader profitable,,, Traders need to apply correct risk managment , diversification for long term portfolio growth ,, This could be intra day or long term investment.

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