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Hi, i have been a member in Phil Newtons live trading room for over a year and a half.

During this time i have learned a to become a profitable full time trader......thats where the rubber really hits the road, i have been in many trading rooms but Phils is unique in that he trades harry hindsight trades....and he lets you in on his thought processes and all important strategy development/adaptation in an ever changing market...result = a profitable trading business is yours if you are prepared to put in the hard work.


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For those of you thinking of joining Phil's trading room..........DO IT!

You trade Phil's trades - you hear his rational for entering - or not, and you make pips...hundreds of them.

It's hard work, it's fun - there are lots of good hearted laughs with your fellow traders in the room,- he rants a bit! and it's worth every penny.

Phil is 101% dedicated to making YOU successful
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Yes , Phil's trade room is an excellent place to become a disciplined trader with great strategies and above all Phil's dedication to teach you the trading plans he use to place orders online and visible by all.
I am enjoyinh it.


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Old timers @ Phil's room will confirm that his parrot is the real trader, he merely translates the parrot's calls. :p

I've been following Phil's trading for a few years now and what I can say is that he's a fantastic trader and person.
It's hard to find a top trader like him so open about his trading, and when you enter his room you'll see exactly how he prepares for the day, plans his trades, trigger and manage them.
Great place to learn how to read price action, to develop a trading plan and to understand the importance of discinpline when trading. ;)


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I would unreservedly recommend Phil Newton's Trading Strategies. | A Forex Education Community and his Live Trading Room to anyone who is seriously considering trading forex for profit. The room is full of like minded individuals all guided by Phil's expert commentary. I particularly like the fact that with Phil there is nowhere to hide. You see directly how he analyses forex markets in real time and how he applies the main strategies all of which are covered on the website in as much detail as you could possibly want. As well as the setup and active trade management mechanics Phil also helps less experienced traders master the mental issues associated with the trading. It's not easy and there's a lot of work involved but he's top drawer. Open a demo account, subscribe to the service (which has limited space so you may have to wait) and get trading.


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Hi I am currently a member of phils live trading room, and since we have started the new Farquad strategy i have been getting some unbeleivable results. I wont go into the exact amount of pips earnt over that 4 week period but i will say that i have managed to double my trading account in 4 weeks without risking more than 3% of my account. If this doesnt get you interested then your reading the wrong forums (Try the cross stitch forum or something like that). I would recomend to atleast have a look at the site and make up your own mind.

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Good to see people are both learning a lot and are having success with Phils live room, definitely think I'll give it ago




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I am at work full time, how could I benefit from joining Phil's Live Room/site. Does he do a training course? I am after something that I can study to get fully up to date with and then get into a Live Room.
Any views?


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I have been testing out a similar room which looks good to me, i am a newbie tho but find the information and coaching available as well as watching the pro traders trade is great. really helps you trade. I only had a free 1 day pass as again its a paid subscription but i would be interested to shop around first before commiting to paying a monthly fee. this one was with, what is the name of yours? really appreciate an answer so i can test theirs out. cheers dazza


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Sounds good but 6.30am... :eek: I've only just gone to bed.
Aha.. starting at 6am... ooooooooooooooooooooooo. Not my cup of tea either, I trade the US market from Europe so this is impossible. Found quite a few vids on too so gonna be having a good look at these. Great info from this guy I think, good to follow, specially for a nooooob.


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Like most people on this thread I have been a member of Phil's trading community in one form or another for oing on 2 years now.

I started out knowing nothing about price action, overnight ranges, pull backs bias changes, and am at a point now where I can take the things I've learnt, trade for the most part on my own, and know that I have the support of Phil and the trading-strategies community for help when ever I need it, which is still on a daily basis.

I have even gained the confidence to produce my own trading videos which I do for my own development, and Phil kindly lets me add them to he site and even encourages it to aid with my development.

It's an unbelievable place for a trader to learn and develop, and become a self sufficient trader.

I can't compare to other trading rooms or services offered as I haven't tried any. I fell lucky when I found Phil's community and have never felt the need to "bounce" from one trading community to another.

So to summarise I can whole heartedly recommend anyone who wants to learn and do this thing we do on any sort of level to check out
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