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This is mainly for any of our recent newcomers to this BB.
We have in the past run evening lectures on the basics of Technical Analysis.If this is someting you would like to be a part of and participate in, please let me know what areas you would be interested in, and I will oganise something.
In the past ,these lectures were held on a Wednesday evening at 9pm.
Let us know- we're here for you.

I would definitely be interested Martin. Although I won't have time to be there personally due to my studies, would it be possible to have an archive for the texts of these lectures. This would allow for reference and any newcomers who arrive after the lectures to go and look at. I was planning on going through the lectured archives on the CI site but was taken unaware of its sudden closure, so this would be most helpful. Thanks

Slowly. I'm trying to build up a reference library/TA Guide on the bb first.The "ad hoc" route in the CI days,I think, left a lot to be desired.I have made a start, and am currently giving myself a refresher course to see how much I've forgotten and how much I never took on board in the first place......
As an interim, I may invite newcomers to a "starting out with TA" type discussion/question and answer evening.
In the meantime, some patience will be required.

Good idea to begin with a TA starting out lecture. The use of much used indicators such as MA/weighted MA, MACD, RSI, Bollinger bands, volume indicators etc could be discussed. I appreciate all this takes time to organise, but it will all be appreciated at the end of the day. Why not throw an open invitation and ask who would like to do one and on what topic.
This is a great idea. I went to a lecture by Dr.iraj at C.I where he discussed his use of Moving Averages etc-very informative. I would be very interesting in discussing how they use such indicators as RSI, Stochastics, SK-SD, MACD, DMI etc. Un fortunately C.I was closed down shortly afterwards so this was my first and last lecture. I also think it is a very good idea to post the lecture notes if you are unable to attend and miss a lecture. This site is getting better all the time. Keep up the good work.