Lecture 2: Trading the Dow using TA


Many thanks to ChartMan for his lecture this evening. It was our very first audio lecture since we started the weekly lectures and despite a few initial problems with the room and members audio setups it went extremely well.

For anyone who didn't manage to make it to the lecture, who was still having audio problems or would just like to hear it again, here is the full lecture unedited in MP3 format, split into 3 parts + Q&As, to listen at your leisure:

Note: Our lectures are every Sunday at 9:00pm, meetings at 9:00pm on Wednesday's. For more info please see our Event's Page.

Lecture 2 - Part 1 (3,865 KB / 16 mins 29 secs)
Lecture 2 - Part 2 (3,814 KB / 16 mins 16 secs)
Lecture 2 - Part 3 (2,382 KB / 10 mins 09 secs)
Lecture 2 - Questions and Answers (4,615 KB / 19 mins 41 secs)

If you are downloading this on Sunday night, then please be patient as each file is uploaded to our server in turn from Part 1 to Q&As. An edited version may be made available over the next few days.