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Attached is the zip file for the Charts used in This Sunday's Lecture (3rd. March). They will be discussed in 4 groups:
Group1 Support & Resistance ( Charts 1-3)
Group2 Miscellaneous ( Charts 4-6)
Group 3 Divergences ( Charts 7-12)
Gpoup 4 Triangle breakouts ( Charts 13-17)
When you have unzipped these files, you should therefore have 17 charts in total, all of which are "Giffs".You can either load these into a PaintShop Pro type package, or print them out in landscape format, so that you can refer to them during the lecture.
This lecture will assume that you have at least a basic knowledge of TA. You will be expected to know the basic theory of Support and Resistance lines, Positive and Negative Divergence and basic Triangle Formations. If you attend the lecture and do not come prepared,these basics will not be explained to you!

The topics to be covered are as follows:
1: Support and Resistance- a step up the ladder.
2: Support and Resistance - Exchanges.
3: Trend Rate Changes- What do they identify?
4: Positive and Negative Divergences - Who cares?
5: Triangle Breakouts- earn a wedge on these.
6: Head & Shoulders- above the rest.
7: Targets- for salesmen only?
8: Finding tops and Bottoms- or are you a leggy person?
9: The importance of Three- not for everyone....

See you all there.


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hope this is not a silly question....can you please tell me what 'RSI Wilder' is?

also where do you get the charts that you use?

RSI Wilder is the full name for RSI having been developed by a guy called Wilder. The charts are from AIQ, real time...
i don't want ot pre-empt the lecture but as a matter of interest would you rely on these parameters (RSI,CCI,MA) for companies s well as indices?
So long as you can evaluate their relative performance, there is no reason why not. Each stock will have it's own "particular" characteristic that you have to discover, but broadly RSI>70 and CCI>100 would be a strong position for any stock- look at the BGEN thread.....
I don't look at any US stocks in depth so I can't really say. But to be specific, Yes I would rely on them if I had satisfied myself that they work for the particular stock I was interested in. As far as the DOW goes, it's "bankable".