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Hi guys. Not sure if this should be in the longe forum or not but.......anwyay.

I f I uninstall Kazaa from my computer will i still be able to keep the songs that i've downloaded which are now stored in the library in my 'Realone player'. I may aswell uninstall Kazaa as I cannot even open it anymore because i have a pop-up stopper running on my computer whichKazaa dont take kindly too.

Anyone know? Cheers



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If you have moved the songs from "my shared folder" then uninstalling kazza should not affect them.


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I perfer to use WinMx I think it's far better than Kazza and it has no spyware.

But if you do like Kazza then better to use Kazza Lite and that has no spyware either.


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Hi keano
I would download a programme such as ad-aware by lavasoft to remove all the spy-ware, the pc will be full of it if you used kazaa or imesh. regards mark


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Marky, take care when you / if you load on software such as ad-aware, it can interfer with streaming data and other applications
such as Level 2.
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