I believe, but am not certain, that someone on this board warned about soon receiving an e-mail from Tiscali, if you used your computer more than their average. That is to say, if you pay a monthly subscription for "anytime" use.

Because I do use mine for more than their stipulated 150 hours per month, I have received the dreaded missive - not entirely unexpected really.

Anyone any thoughts of an ISP for "anytime" use which is not too bothered about number of minutes, no cut-off, reliable, et etc.

Looking for a rainbow really, aren't I?

I was paying £10 pm for 200 hours anytime internet access before I switched to broadband. Slight snag is the min 3 month contract you have to agree to in order to use their service (though they might have changed that since last summer).

As Trader says. Aol. I can have that running for 10 or so hours at a time for weeks without any cut off (dial up) (and computer set up correctly.) Until someone at the other end starts messing about and pulls the plug 3 times in a day. Version 8 have an auto connection if cut off, though don't know how good it is yet.

Freeserve (seems quicker than aol) have an auto redial and have been proving to be very good. Whereas my so called broadband connection to kept droping the trading screen to IB, and about 3 months of trying just about everything with the tech guys resulted in the service being quick for about a day after implementing changes, (various times) then going back to being slower than a dial up. Everything else other than the IB screen was fine, but still slow. Contention ratio of 50:1 (average) is c**p. The big popular providers are also known to slow when the kiddies get home from school. Not good for the last of futures trading here or if you are trading the usa.

Gio internet. When these first started offering broadband they had a 2 hour cut off. Damn silly as that defeats the whole purpose of broadband in the first place. They are now offering a fair price connection for under £20 a month with no restrictions, including no time limit, nor restrictions on sites. They state Kazza etc is fine for music and downloading. Though my understanding of kazza etc is that it opens your computer up to anyone on the internet. Not ideal for traders I would have thought.

I'm going to try Gio from next week. Any problems and I'll let you know. (An isp designed just for traders would be good. You can get a custom feed to IB and others. But it all rests on the isp provider.)
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Hi folks,

I have bog standard ADSL from BT and have had only a few problems even when the kids come home in over a year. Cetainly availability has been excellent, the failures have all been DNS related and there are ways round that.


Thanks guys, at least there is quite a good selection.
May try AOL, sounds a good bet. Be interested in options to see how you get on with Gio.

Will later have to change to ADSL anyway, as all services are to a certain extent, too slow, like idea of an ISP which allows traders unlimited access, surprised no-one has started one up, even for a few pounds extra per month.

Can't say I have heard of fast24, will take a peek at their site, even if it is 3 month contract, and works well, well Ok.

Perhaps we should have our own ISP site?
I use gio anytime standard connection, there ok during working hours but in the evening can take 4-5 trys to connect and although they say they will disconnect you after 2 hours, Ive quite often been disconnected after 10 minutes, this can very ofcourse. I dont know about broadband I would think its better. Overall gio is frustating to get connected. regards Robert
Hi Mercury,

ref ISP's, I use on their 24/7 access, which is £13.49 a month with no restriction on the amount of on-line time - there is the usual 2-hour disconnect, and it can be tough dialling up sometimes late in the day (after 7.30-8.00pm) but other than that I've no complaints. I would go broadband but living where I do (9 miles south of Cambridge) unbelievably I still can't get much for BT's campaign!!
This is just a suggestion and it may not work - but this is what I'm going to do in the case of Tiscali - I'll simply register another account in my wife's name.

It seems to me that Tiscali should treat my wife's account as a new and separate account and on this basis she should enjoy the benefits of being a new user and enjoy six months of unstricted and trouble free "Anytime" access to the internet.

Tiscali will continue to provide access to the old email accounts and we would therefore one need to set up one new account (email) in my wife's name.

This should "work" for a couple of months at least - here's hoping anyway, or at rate until our local exchange is broadband enabled in July.

Fingers crossed, then?