Article Interview with Stock Trader Richard Joyson (Mr Charts)

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PM: = Paul Mullen (Interviewer)
RJ: = Richard Joyson (Mr Charts)
PM: What markets do you trade and what do you do?
RJ: I trade almost entirely U.S. shares on a day trading basis. I’m in trades for really anything from half a minute to as long as two or three hours. So, there isn’t an average length of time that I’m in a trade. I’m in a trade as long as it’s going my way, and if I get a signal to exit the trade, I take the signal. If the signal comes a minute after I enter, then I exit. If a signal doesn’t come for another two hours, then that’s when I exit.
Basically, I trade the U.K. afternoon, (which is the U.S. morning). Occasionally, I trade in the evening, but generally not. I used to trade the evening and the evening only, when I was a dentist in practice but I packed in dentistry many years ago now, and I trade fulltime. Before that, I was trading the evenings only and on my afternoon off. But, I enjoyed it so much that I eventually...

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An excellent article with some very sound advice - i wish I'd known some of Richard's basics when I started out. Interesting to see that, as in my own case, it was Maggie Thatcher that got him started.

I commend Richard for being generous enough to donate the learning he has acquired over the years - a true gentleman!
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please note that this thread is about discussing the article - all posts outside this topic have been deleted.



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I particulary like some of the points he raised in his advice to beginners -" ...It helps if they basically understand the rudiments, understand what candles are, what support and resistance are, etc. Those rudiments of TA are freely available on the web. No-one should pay for that....."

Too often, beginners get trapped into paying unreasonable sums for information that they can get absolutely free.


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pre-written interview. His answers were too long. My question: where do you derived most income: from coaching junks to newbies or actual trading with guessing tools?


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I agree with 0007. It fleshes out some of the things Richard has alluded to in his various posts on the forum. Some people on the forum are knowledgeable. Others are generous. Richard is both knowledgeable and generous!
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