Internet through TV


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Here's one for Chartman,
A friend has seen an advert for a package for £50 which gives him internet access and email for the cost of a phone call.
Contains phone wiring, wirless keyboard and box.
I'm trying to find out more for him but nothing comes up. Even the ad selling it is not online. Trying to get more details from him now. I posted elsewhere and they gave me a link to the US which sounds like the thing.


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Pass.... not heard of it, except that you can get it integrated in NTL Digital Cable TV boxes.( and Sky boxes...)


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OK tx CM,. I'm still searching. The ad was in The Daily Mirror mag "We Love Telly". Has a PO Box and no internet address or anything.
I'll keep looking. I can't believe I can't find anything.


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If it's the Bush internet box then I would say forget it. A relative of mine got one of these for a tenner last year and binned it after a few weeks. The browser technology was ancient and not upgradeable, and would not work correctly or even at all on a high percentage of web sites (such as those requiring minimum version x of Internet Explorer, or Javascript etc. etc.)

Shame really as I think these things are good in principle for people for don't need or want a PC.

Can you give us more details of the ad and the actual manufacturer?



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Can't find a manufacturer. The PO Box is in Rochester. Had a quick look in Comet but still haven't found anything.
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