Running 2 PCs from one Internet Connection.


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Hi Everyone ! Wish you a Profitable Day.
My problem is I want to run more 2 (soon 3) PCs from ONE Internet connection. I would like to have Ethernet connected i.e. hard-wired connection not WIFI.
Shall thank you for suggesting what hardware is needed and how to make connections.

Another question, Can I connect a Laptop and a PC to same Modem ?

Thanks for your time.

2 PCs on one Internet connection,

Get router + long ethernet cables. Job done.

Thanks for your advice. You mean I connect from PC No1 and as the other PC is connected thru' router, it gets on the Internet automatically ?

Thanks Again.

Not sure where you are ;) If you want quality... get a AVM FritzBox. Also does your VOIP needs and if you get the one with WLAN (7270) you also have that (which may come in handy for a laptop to move around). Not saying do NOT use cables.... I have a cable setup, but occasionally it is nice to be able to grab the laptop and move somewhere else for half an hour without bothering about cables. if you need more ports than that has for ethernet, netgear has some nice small "Switches" that act as simpe ethernet distributors (in laymans terms).

In my experience AVM beats the **** out of Cisco, Linksys and all the others around.