Internet services.

Crash on my PC during pitstop?.........might be my comp! (3 1/2 y.o. sony running win 2000)........wasn't even running a firewall

I have been doing "electronic front end" (futures) trials and it has crashed quite a few times lately, especially when viewing websites with the "platform" open. I think I will bin it and buy two new desktops or two laptops, one for platform and one for esignal.

Anybody got a use for a 15" 30 gig sony laptop?.......suppose I could keep it (add it to my old pc's pile.).....use as backup eh!.........will have to get office in town for broadband too now.........ah well, ha ho :)
Thanks lads (I assume) esp. oatman

Ran PC Pitstop again, everything switched PC crashed again!

Result? it's my PC!........ran it on Fijitsu desktop and it was fine.

Ah well, another small step for mankind :)......better now than when I'd joined the bid with a few "cars"

You have to "pay up" in order to see what the cards are........and on that thought (er. gambling) quiet moments you may like to read these:


I am no blackjack player...............and with trading I think the odds are better, but interesting anyway.

Hi there,
Please can someone do me a favour?
I will appreciate if can ring to the on 01262 400866 and figure out if they offer they broadband service overseas.(Bulgaria)

Sorry for the inconvience but I have emailed them and no response yet & also I’m not able to get them from my phone line.
Have a nice day and thank you for your help

Lucky you guys have the internet and trade any time you like, what can I do because my country is 100 years behind?

There are some pay-as-you go internet schemes that operate in about 120+ countries, basically you have to top it up before you use it, but the cost is fixed whereever you are. I will try and find out if the opperate in your country. Probably wont speed connection up, but may at least be cheaper.

I phoned ehotspot and no they don't offer services in Bulgaria. (only in the UK........and soon in spain)

Thank you to all of you for your support in this matter.

Good luck in your trading.