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For some reason, when I open a new site from an existing site, the new page refuses to open full width of the screen i.e it's only covers the middle of the screen, whereas it always used to cover up the whole screen! I prefer the old version.

Obviously, I inadvertently switched something off/on but I can't see anything obvious, can someone explain what I've done and how to cure it?

Now not too technical you techies, remember, it's the old school mam you talking to.

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Hi SallyT

This is the same problem I had and couldn't figure it out :cry:
The only solution I found was to close all of the IE windows. Open a new one, maximise it (or adjust the size to what you want), then close the window down. Open a new one up again and (figures crossed) it should return to what you want :)



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Occasionally get the same thing here Sally, only my IE window will cover all the screen except the top 1cm. Then it just decides to revert to normal after a while. I sure as hell cant figure it out so I think it must be an issue with Mr.Gates and co.


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don't know if this explains it but

IE seems to have a memory chain starting from each fresh
opening of IE.
if you open a link from within IE, it will open a window which is the same size as your original window even if the original has been resized in the meantime.

but if you now open a new window and resize it, then when you close it, that will become the size of the next fresh opening of IE.

so at any point in time, the next time you open IE, the window size will depend on which (chain) window was the last one to be closed .

it sounds complicated when I read it back but its just like an hierarchical chain with each fresh opening of a window as head of the family. The Properties values for an IE window relate to the family chain.

it gets very complicated if you enter a site which automatically sizes the window for you.

Some pop-ups do that but not pop-unders. They remain hidden
for some obscure reason which seems to destroy their advertising potential but definitely increases their annoyance.

well, that's my experience, but no doubt in good 'event'
programming, something entirely different is actually happening

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