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Hi Sharks;
Just an idea m8. Anyway to include an instant chat screen on the front page. Similar to the private chat in the trading rooms?

There have been a few times when I have been perusing the site and seen another member come on, and I've thought, Ah! I need to speak to him about such and such.

Just save the hassle of doing the e mail thing.

(Yeah, I know I have no patience. I even scream at me microwave to go faster.)

All the best m8.

Options. :p :D :D :) :) ;)
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That would be a great feature.....even if it was just a "pop-up" that said xyz wants to chat with you in the chat room"

I agree, sounds like a great idea options. I'm sure we could do it too.. baiscally you'd hit a button (follow a link whatever!) and the next time the person you've requested a chat with click on a page on the website (any page), a pop-up window informs you that, that person wants to chat along with a chat window with which to chat.

Will look into it some more this evening.

I've had a look into it and the simple answer is there doesn't appear to be one! So its back to the drawing board. I know how it should work, but it might take some time to get it working.

The only alternative would be to make better use of instant messaging programs such as ICQ and MSN Messanger, I could provide download instructions and make it even easier to contact others using this method.