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I am starting a new free chat room (voice and text) to support the interactive trading threads on forums such as this. Threaded forums are limited re realtime analysis particularly if operating sub 1hr. .... Just to be clear: it is free and it will always be free as long as I have anything to do with it. It might prove useful in discussing trading ideas/analysis in realtime and supporting with charts posted to a forum. At the very least for some (me included) it might be a welcome extra 'intercative' way of making trading from a home office less isolating/solitary. It may work - it may not, but it's worth a try. The chat room will start on Monday 7th November, and will be open initially from 0815am gmt each day.

I aim for it to be a constructive, friendly, fun, useful, and business like place and hope that the commentary/chat I and hopefully others provide fulfills these aims. Some may choose to give Buy and Sell calls and if they do I hope they explain why for each one...but I prefer to talk about and give a heads-up on the elements listed below, so that others can make their own minds up on when to enter the market:

a. Price action (both individual price action candles/candle combinations -and wether bullish or bearish) -and- overall price action - ie whether instrument is trending or ranging on each respective time frame of interest and if that changes/may be changing.
b. Potential set-ups developing and developed.
c. Potential pre-identified support/resistance - ie: levels to watch for and why.
d. Upcoming fundie data releases and most likely effects
e. Etc...

Feel free to discuss any instrument/pairing you choose and also please support the chat by posting charts and providing a link to them in the text box as I will do and refer to them in the chat room.

I will open the chat room using the free Paltalk software. If you do not have it installed you can download it here; Cam to Cam Video Chat for Free | Paltalk You can join Paltalk and create a username.

The chat room is called Pro Forex Trading and you can access it (when the room is open) by logging into paltalk and finding it via the ' View All ' Chatrooms at the bottom of the welcome screen/app...then look in the Business & Finance section > Day Traders - Stocks and Bonds and it will be listed there > double click on the room title to open it. Alternatively (when it is open) you can access it thru this link: Paltalk Express – Free chat rooms, instant messaging and webcam chat

The room is text and audio (voice) and my preference is for audio as it is more 'realtime,' but feel free to use one or both. You can PM (private message) and Private Chat with other users in the chat room by right clicking on their username. There are also a lot of other functions in paltalk.

The room will be open by 0815 am each day London time. To talk simply hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and release it when you have finished talking.

I hope it will prove useful for anyone that wants to take part and that we can get a good thing going.

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Interesting, but I'm GMT-5 so the room opens at 3:15am local time for me.. I'll try to pop in late on Monday to check it out.

I'll pop over.

Not looking to recieve or give buy/sell calls but will likely be more productive than Youtube.