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Chat with me?

Hi All

Following on from what rossored has just said on another thread - Would anyone be interested in having a chat in the Chat Room on Sunday night around 7pm?

It was something I was going to do a couple of weeks ago, but got way-laid with other stuff :eek:

Would anyone be interested*?
(Feel free to e-mail or PM me if you don't want to say anything on this thread)

* = Subject to not being too drunk after the Xmas Party :cheesy:
If I'm around FB, I'll pop in and have a chat with you. Getting ready to go home for Christmas though. So may be busy with packing and stuff.
Hi All

I've had a couple of people saying they'll be there. So 7pm on Sunday it is :cool:

What to chat about?
Everything and anything, preferably trading related, as I'm useless on most other subject. :rolleyes:

Word of Warning though: As Options looks like me might be joining us, I think it's only fair to warn people that once the pair of us get nattering - we find it very difficult to stop ;)
Feel free to jump in at any time though

Mr Options Sir.

If you can make it then great, but I understand if things are a little hectic that end :eek:
Hi All

Well I made it back from the XMas party ok, so the chat is going ahead in the chat room.

Feel free to join in :)
Thank you to everyone who joined in tonight :D
Especially to one of the Mods....who I had a long and entertaining chat with :D :cool: :D


Hi A320

It was superb talking to everyone last night. It's such a shame I had to rush off early :cry:
Thanks to all those who were there :cool:
enjoyed my brief visit - bit confusing trying to talk to half a dozen
people at the same time tho' - takes practice!
Hi folks
i too enjoyed my brief join but unfortunately something suddenly came up (... ooer...) and sadly had to leave.

Maybe more of the same in the future ;)

Best wishes to all
Newtron Bomb

Yep - defintely good chat ...

Hopefully we can repeat it again next week or something ..

Thanks Mark for organising it..

Hi All

A number of people have asked me to do it again this week, so I'll host another chat on Sunday - this time with the added benefit of not having to rush off :p

See you there, Sunday @ 7 :cool:

Hi Pervaz

Your welcome
Hi All

Just a quick reminder, the chat is going ahead tonight at 7.
Feel free to come in and join us :cool: